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Business Channel Manager - Rodney Lakey

Rodney has been working with us for 8 years now starting as an Account Manager and moving into the role of Business Development Manager. “When I first started at the Bendigo Advertiser we sold print advertising in the newspaper but now the role has expanded into a full Marketing role helping local businesses with areas such as Website development, Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Digital advertising as well as Newspaper advertising. We become an extension of their business available to solve their marketing problems and workload with a phone call or email.”

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4452

Media Sales Representative - Helen Eriksson

Helen loves the people side of sales, and everything that flows from this. She has taken the excellent McDonald’s training she received while working there at the age of 15 whilst in School, and used it as a sound base to catapult her sales career. As new technologies emerge, Helen has assisted her clients in the best way to utilise it in driving their business. Whether in telecommunications, print, online media and digital – Helens passion is sales and her client relationships With three boys, teens and tweens, Helen and husband Paul are kept on the go. She also enjoys the gym and boxing and feeling healthy.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4486 / 0427 001 878

Media Sales Representative - Beau Cattell

Beau has been employed by the Bendigo Advertiser over the last few years and has moved through a few different roles. He has worked in the Classifieds department, Digital Sales and currently enjoys working with local business' as a Media Sales Consultant. Beau is excited to show business' how he can help them grow using a targeted suite of Print and Digital Products.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4458

Media Sales Representative - David Jeffrey

David joined the Bendigo Advertiser in 2004. Having extensively travelled the world and lived in Melbourne for seven years he decided to move back to Bendigo where he was born. With ten years experience in multi-platform advertising he has a vast knowledge of how to grow your business both in press and digital areas.When not at work, David is a member of the Bendigo Golf Club and the Bendigo Table Tennis Association where he likes to stay active.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4464

Media Sales Representative - Andrew Miller

Andrew has been working here at The Bendigo Advertiser since 2013. He grew up right here in Bendigo and completed a Bachelor of Marketing at La Trobe University Bendigo. With both his local knowledge and marketing background he has the expertise to help you grow your business strategically in both the print and digital media platforms. For any advertising queries, big or small, don't hesitate to contact Andrew today!

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4457 / 0404 129 084

Bendigo Sales Manager - Dean Farrell

Dean first joined the Bendigo Advertiser in July 2004. After a 12 month hiatus in 2012 Dean is back to offer you a broad knowledge of advertising both in press and digital platforms. He is a previous Fairfax Media Sales Person of the Year winner. Dean has a passion for the community and helping businesses grow in the region. He has embraced the Digital age of advertising and is ready to help you with all your needs. Dean enjoys holidays to the beach with his family as well as skiing on the Loddon river at Bridgewater.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4405 / 0407 349 365

Business Development Manager - Digital - Penny Holloway

Penny joined the Advertiser as the Digital Business Development Manager in December 2014 bring with her expertise and experience in the marketing and digital world. Outside (and inside) of work, Penny is a keen ‘fashionista’, getting her fashion-fix as the Creative Director of the Bendigo Fashion Festival and Fashion Blogger for Country Racing Victoria. Penny is also our Fairfax Marketing Services guru and can assist local businesses with all their digital needs from advertising, website development, search engine marketing and social media strategies.

Contact details:
 (03) 54344422

Domain Media Sales - Joanne Kilbourne

Since joining the Bendigo Advertiser team in April 2013, Joanne has taken on the role of Domain Media Sales. Joanne has a background in print and online media and brings with her a passion for multi-platform advertising and is looking to forward to working with real estate agents to enhance and grow their businesses. Outside of the Addy, Joanne is passionate about animal rights and welfare. She enjoys experimenting with vegan cooking and spending time with her family and riding horses.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4468 / 0428 500 007

Digital Assistant - Danielle Cuskelly

Danielle joined the Advertiser team in February of 2014. She had previously spent the last few years studying information technology and marketing at Latrobe University’s Bendigo Campus. During her time at University, Danielle regularly volunteered for the Bendigo Student Association. Her passions outside of her work are rock climbing at YRock, hiking, reading and crocheting another scarf.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4447

Media Sales Representative Special Publications - Melanie May

Mel started working for the Bendigo Advertiser in 2003 in the classifieds department through to 2007 when she left to run her own business, Family VideoLand in White Hills. She briefly moved to Lakes Entrance and worked for the Bairnsdale Advertiser working on Special Publications and Features. In 2013 she moved back to her home town of Bendigo and was fortunate enough to return working at the Bendigo Advertiser in Special Publications Mel mainly works on Out & About as well as other tourist based publications throughout the year, she is passionate about promoting the Bendigo area and what Bendigo businesses have to offer.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4428

Media Sales Representative - Julie Pink

Julie loves the people side of sales, She has taken the excellent Features training she received while working at Bendigo Advertiser, and used it as a sound base to advance her sales career. As new technologies emerge, Julie has assisted her clients in the best way to utilise it in driving their business. Whether Features, print, online media and digital – Julie’s passion is sales and her client relationships. With two daughters and her devoted grandson Ronan keeps her passion going.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4455

Administration for Advertising Features department - Jenny Slattery

Born in Bendigo. Commenced at Bendigo Advertiser January 2005. Always appreciating this whole Bendigo Advertiser team in their communication, problem solving and willingness to support in helping each other if a situation arises that creates a difficulty, even if it does not necessarily directly effect them. I thoroughly enjoy my role in administration and acknowledge that the major part of my role relies on my team to trust me, to enable them to involve themselves in other aspects of their roles. Always striving for our department to run smoothly. My 3 biggest enjoyments in life are, the energy and fun my nieces and nephews bring into my life. Their ages ranging from 5 years to 37 years. Having time to pick up a book and live in it for a whole weekend. And cooking and sharing food with friends.

Contact details:
 (03) 5434 4456

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