Bendigo Advertiser
While the Bendigo Advertiser, as its name suggests, is centred on the thriving central Victorian city of Bendigo, it also serves a far greater area of the state.

Founded in the heady gold rush days of 1853, and at a time when the city was considered the richest in the world, Bendigo owes its existence and ongoing prosperity to its splendid past.

The Addy is one of Victoria’s oldest mastheads, and has been a part of the local region, and a major supporter of the community, since its earliest days.

Local news is the paper’s mainstay, and there’s also a strong flavour of property, business, community, rural and entertainment news that reflects the region’s diversity. Superb Victorian architecture abounds, both within the heart of the city and throughout its sprawling residential suburbs.

Bendigo is also home to the iconic Myer retail business, the uniquely Australian Chiko Roll, and Australia’s largest regional bank – the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Some of our city’s early leaders played significant roles in the development of our nation’s Constitution, including former Bendigo Advertiser journalist John Quick, who later received a knighthood for his contribution to the early Federation.

Bendigo today is a bustling cosmopolitan city, with a fast growing population in excess of 120,000. The Bendigo Art Gallery is widely considered to be the best in regional Australia, and regularly hosts internationally acclaimed exhibitions.

In recent years, local food and entertainment industries have experienced a major boom. The local Ulumbarra Theatre sits on the transformed site of a former 19th century prison, overlooking the city centre below. The venue regularly hosts major artists and events in front of packed auditoriums as locals and visitors alike enjoy the lifestyle the city has etched out for its citizens midst the picturesque central Victorian countryside.