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Goals and gains: How to reignite your passion for fitness

Goals and gains: How to reignite your passion for fitness

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Are you in a fitness rut? We've all been there before; when no matter how hard we try, we cannot muster up the motivation to get through a workout.

But, what happens when that rut doesn't go away? We've got a few different tips and tricks up our sleeve that are doable at any fitness level. By undertaking these tactics, you should be up and ready to push out a new personal best in no time flat.

Mix it up

Even the most dedicated fitness junkie has moments where their routine just feels a little bit repetitive. This is totally natural, but shouldn't be ignored. Fitness should feel invigorating; it should make you feel strong, powerful and natural rather than a chore.

So, how exactly do you counteract this feeling? Our number one tip would be to mix up your go-to regimen. A super simple way to do this is to purchase new home gym equipment. This gives you the freedom to change up your workout at your own pace, whilst also having the freedom to drill different parts of your body, or even just incorporate a few new exercises into your established routine.

If you choose to exercise outside of the home, don't sweat it, it's just as simple. It's time to switch to a new class or shake up your gym routine with some new moves. The class enthusiast gets to experience a new type of workout, whilst still being within the type of setting they get a thrill from.

Whilst the casual gym-goer gets a new sense of purpose and direction than when they leave their fitness goals in their own hands. Regardless of which one you are, the change in routine is a jolt to the system that'll leave you feeling invigorated; right after you cool down from that gruelling workout of course.

Workout with a friend

We all know that friends make everything more enjoyable. Whether it's studying, watching a silly TV show, or in this case, exercise. Make a pact, hit the streets together every weekend to get your heart rates up, grab a mat and count out those Russian twists as a team, or even stretch and tone at a joint pilates class.

This has so many benefits. This will likely aid in reviving your passion for fitness and exercise, whilst also strengthening your bodies and your friendship.

Workout for recreation, not results

Many experience burnout from their workouts when they're exercising purely for results. Be it a lower body fat percentage, higher muscle mass, or a more toned appearance. This is a really easy way to experience burnout.

When you're not doing something because you enjoy it, but rather for the end result, you'll eventually lose interest, as it's virtually impossible to sustain a routine when you have no real depth of interest in it. So, with that taken into account, it's time to switch up your mindset.

It's ok to take a little bit of time away from your fitness routine, just so you're able to see things in perspective. Understand what you actually enjoy and what you don't.

This could be as simple as realising you enjoy the mental health element of walking, so a low-impact, long walk is right in your wheelhouse. Or, maybe you enjoy the almost aerobic aspect of pilates is something you look forward to, so continuing with this kind of class, as well as enrolling in similar activities, like a dance class, or water aerobics could reinvigorate you and ignite that flame of passion for fitness.

It's important to exercise for the enjoyment of it, rather than for the results that you will gain when you find that you've lost your love of exercise. Think of it instead as another recreational activity, it is in the same vicinity as taking a trip to the museum, or going out to lunch.

Once you find a physical activity you do purely because you enjoy it, you'll find the results will follow. Results come from consistency, and consistency comes from true enjoyment and fulfilment.

Take a break

Sometimes you simply need to take a step back. Losing your passion for something can come from a variety of reasons, that may not even stem from the activity itself. Taking a break to allow yourself to just relax, as well as considering the factors that have led to your disconnect can be the best course of action, rather than trying desperately to push through.

Whilst attempting to push past the mental roadblock can work in some instances, whilst in others, it leads to resentment and mental and physical burnout.

The main objective of a break is to reset and take a well-deserved timeout. Sometimes that's what we need in order to come back better than ever, some guiltless time off.

A fitness journey is not secular. There will be periods of intense dedication and passion, and times where the thought of working out feels like a chore.

Ensuring that you listen to not just your body, but your mind is paramount when you're in the latter situation. But, by treating yourself with kindness, and trying a variety of new tactics, you should easily be able to regain your passion and come back stronger than ever.