Girton’s junior students tune up for musical showcase at Ulumbarra

Musical talents were on show at Ulumbarra on Tuesday night when Girton Grammar School’s senior students took to the stage for their Ensemble Spectacular.

The school’s junior students will perform their annual showcase tonight.

Girton’s head of music Stephen Vine said more than 600 students will perform across the two nights.

“Putting that many across the stage is really exciting,” he said. “This is one of our highlights because its a pure, large ensemble experience. 

“We have about 27 staff giving about 650 lessons a week for 30 music ensembles who have about 80 performances each year.”

Mr Vine said a number of students follow their musical passion beyond school.

“Quite a few students are actively involved in community as well,” he said. “They play in groups like the Bendigo Symphony Orchestra, Marist Brothers or Eaglehawk brass bands and some travel to Melbourne to play with the Melbourne Youth Orchestra. 

“If we weren’t doing our job giving enthusiasm and training young people, the next generation going into those community bands wouldn't be there and bands wouldn’t benefit.”

Some students will also follow the arts through their tertiary studies.

​“It is exciting to see young people involved in something that is considered an old craft and it’s wonderful to see so many families interested in sustaining that,” Mr Vine said.

“Every year we have a few students follow music (at university) in some way whether it is production management, technical work or as a performer. Some also (opt for) performing arts through musical theatre at VCA or acting at NIDA.”

Girton Grammar Junior School’s showcase is on at Ulumbarra Theatre from 6.30pm on Wednesday, August 8. The senior students performed on August 7.