Snow hits peak of Mount Macedon

Residents of Mount Macedon woke to a white carpet this morning, after snow hit overnight.

Three to four centimetres still on the ground this morning according to Top of the Range Tearooms owner, Luke Chapman.

“It’s really cold up here today, so it’s sticking around for longer than it normally does,” he said.

The mountaintop is busy with families enjoying the dusting.

He’s seen a few small snowmen, and even some optimistic tobogganers.

The tea-rooms pet peacock wasn’t having any of it however. After a short investigation of the conditions, he retreated indoors.

It’s not the first snow of the year, for Mount Macedon. Mr Chapman thinks it was July 7 they had a 15 minute dusting of snow.

Nearby, temperatures in Melton and Woodend dropped to 2.0 degrees overnight.

It’s not just the Mount Macedon area that’s been cold. On Wednesday Bendigo shivered through its coldest July day in 22 years.

A chilly 1.0 degree night followed on Wednesday night. It was warmer than Tuesday night, which had been -1.0 degrees.

July 2 took the record for the year however, when temperatures dropped to -3.1 degrees.