Kids are on board with Breakfast Club at Lightning Reef

Lightning Reef Primary is among Australian 500 schools celebrating, as the School Breakfast Club celebrated five million breakfasts served since it began.

The school has run the program for many years, but in 2016 Food Bank and Foodshare got on board to donate food.

Each morning around 55 students pack into the canteen at Lighting Reef Primary School.

Welfare officer Gai Maddams runs the program at the school.

Kids who come along benefit in all sorts of ways, from their social skills, to better concentration, Ms Maddams said. 

It’s so good for kids’ concentration, that teaching staff regularly report they notice a difference. 

“Teachers report that kids are more focused and ready to start their learning after they’ve had something to eat, they’ve settled,” Ms Maddams said. 

“It’s a great social time as well, it’s lovely to see the kids communicating with different peers they may not normally talk to.”

And the club is for all. On average, about a quarter of Lighting Reef’s students attend on any one day.

Many kids come who haven’t had breakfast, but others also join in for the social times as well.

At its peak, the club can get 70-75 kids coming along.

“That gets pretty crazy”, according to Ms Maddams.

Kids in the Breakfast Club Program enjoy oats, Vita Brits, wholegrain Cheerios, muesli, UHT milk, baked beans, apples, canned fruit and fruit.