The project to paint the GrainCorp silo in Rochester has commenced with artist Jimmy DVate

After months of planning and preparation, the project to paint the GrainCorp silo in Rochester is underway.

Melbourne artist Jimmy DVate applied the first coat of primer to the structure on Monday.

However, Mr DVate is keeping the plan for the final design a mystery, providing only a clue for what he has in store.

“I want to focus on native flora and fauna, this part of Victoria is so amazing,” Mr DVate said.

“The Campaspe River provides a lot of inspiration.”

The project to paint the silo was announced by the Rochester Business Network in May and has received overwhelming support from members of the community.

Jimmy DVate was approached to be a part of the project after the success of the silo he painted in Goorambat.

“It’s been a long time in the making, the project has involved a lot of planning and work behind the scenes,” Mr DVate said.

Recognised for his art within urban areas, painting in rural areas has been a new experience he has embraced.

“You really get the whole community vibe in rural areas and the support is endless,” he said.

“It’s the passion of the locals which gets projects like these up and running.

“People are proud of their town and they want to show it off.”

Despite his natural flair for painting, when dealing with a canvas on this scale, every artist will face their own challenges.

“It’s definitely a new surface and shape for me to work on, It’s important to take the cylindrical aspect of the silo into account.”

Campaspe Shire Councillor Leigh Wilson said the project was an incredible initiative from the town.

“It has been fully funded by the local community,” Cr Wilson said.

“It’s a great outcome when the community undertake a grass roots initiative because they’re able to take full ownership of it.”

Joining the Silo Art Trail is just one of the methods the Rochester community have taken on to increase the number of visitors to the town.

“Most people are familiar with Rochester, but it’s only a place they travel through while they are on their way else where,” Cr Wilson said.

“Art is one of the most amazingly accessible attractions for people to be persuaded to stop and admire.

“Where the silos are located within Rochester is close to cafes, shops and hotels.

“It will add great value to the town.”

Rochester Business Network media manager Kate Taylor said the project had already raised a lot of interest within the town.

“We already have a display of murals as you drive into town, and now with the silo we are starting to create a fine and artistic culture within Rochester,” Ms Taylor said.

Depending on weather, the painting of the GrainCorp silo is expected to take one month.