Elmore cafe and community knits 600 beanies for premature and angel babies

Six hundred beanies for premature and angel babies have been hand made in a knitathon by the Elmore community.

Copper Kettle cafe owners said the knitathon began 6 weeks ago when they saw social media messages about the Royal Children’s Hospital’s need for beanies.

With the hospital’s go-ahead, they asked the local community to take out their knitting needles for a good cause.

Co-owner Renee Phillips said the beanies would fit a range of premmie sizes. There were also sizes for babies who died before or after birth.

“As was explained to me by the representative from the hospital, any beanies they could not use would be either sold in their auxiliary shop to raise money for the premmies or passed in to other hospitals in need,” she said.

Suppliers donated tea and coffee to those knitting in the cafe. The people of Elmore and surrounding areas donated the wool and knitting needles.

People could stay in the cafe to knit, or take wool home. Members of the local health and wellbeing activity group also pitched in.

Copper Kettle co-owner Brian McGinley said it was not just a chance to help families of premature babies. It was also a chance to help customers stay in touch with each other.

Since the cafe opened last February it had become clear many of the older regulars wanted more opportunities to socialise.

“We had a couple say to us they were having trouble meeting people. So we invited people to come in and knit beanies for premature babies,” he said.

The cafe would donate the 600 beanies to the Royal Children’s Hospital next week.