Condon Street trees were part of a species that dropped too many branches, City of Greater Bendigo council says

A number of trees the City of Greater Bendigo says have been dropping branches close to a road have been removed.

About 10 gum trees were removed along the busy Condon Street in Kennington last week.

Council manager of works Adrian Gasperoni said there was a bit of history to the gums.

“We had identified them as not being suitable because of an issue with the species, in that they were losing too many branches,” he said.


“They were not located in an ideal place. They were positioned too close to the travelling lane of the road.”

Mr Gasperoni said the council had decided to remove the trees at the same time that it upgraded drainage in the area.

New trees of a different species would be brought in once upgrades were completed.

Mr Gasperoni said the replacements would be set further back from the Condon Street travelling lane.

“We’ll replace them with younger trees, obviously, but they will be of some maturity,” he said.