Bendigo Tech School to host Tech Futures Day, bringing cryptocurrency and the future of work to the fore

Bendigo Tech School is embracing the future of employment and the economy, and is encouraging the community to do likewise.

Discussions on the future of work and cryptocurrency will take place in Bendigo on Monday.

The school has secured biohacker and futurist Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow as a presenter at its Tech Futures Day.

His decision to have a public transport smartcard chip implanted in his hand resulted in the first cyborg law case in Australia.

“Digital disruption has created uncertainty surrounding the future of work,” Meow-Ludo said.

“I encourage students, industry and business to look in a positive way at emerging job markets and explore ones that don’t exist yet.”

Meow-Ludo will take centre stage at the La Trobe Arts Institute at View Street in Bendigo from 11am to 12.15pm on Monday.

In addition to considering the future of work, attendees will have the opportunity to explore a functional Blockchain as part of the cryptocurrency workshop.

An hour-long workshop for students will take place from 10am.

A second workshop will be free and open to members of the public from 1pm – 2pm.

Bendigo Tech School director Graeme Wiggins said the Tech Futures Day reflected the school’s aims to prepare students for the world of work.

He said the programs offered at the school, which is still under construction, would be aligned to industries predicted to experience strong economic and employment growth.

“Our research indicates that the future of work for the region of Bendigo is in the industries of medical technology and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, advance manufacturing, food and fibre, transport, defence and construction technologies,” Mr Wiggins said.

Thirteen schools in the Bendigo area will have access to the tech school for specialised programs.

The school is expected to open mid-year.

Mr Wiggins said people interested in attending Tech Futures Day could register online at