Kangaroo Flat’s plans to become Bendigo’s lawn bowls hub

Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club future committee chairman Don McMahon. Picture: LUKE WEST
Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club future committee chairman Don McMahon. Picture: LUKE WEST

KANGAROO Flat Bowls Club has set its sights on becoming Bendigo’s hub for lawn bowls by 2023.

The club has completed a feasibility study into what would be an estimated $2 million redevelopment that would include a roofed 40 by 40 metre synthetic green.

Kangaroo Flat’s redevelopment vision also includes an additional 40 by 40 metre synthetic green to be built on the site of neighbouring Kangaroo Flat Swimming Pool, which will be closed next month and decommissioned later this year.

Kangaroo Flat’s plan is for the club’s existing “A Green” to be upgraded to a fibre-glass roofed green – similar to that of the Moama Bowling Club – with a new synthetic surface and increase in size.

“We’ve got our feasibility study done and spoken to our members, who are all in favour of pursuing the plan,” Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club future committee chairman Don McMahon said on Friday.

Clubs with roofed bowling greens around the state include Moama, Sebastopol and Shepparton Park, which has hosted the finals of the Victorian Open in recent years.

Mr McMahon says the first ambition of the club is to have the new synthetic green built on the swimming pool site within two years.

He expects if given approval by the City of Greater Bendigo the roofed green project could be completed by 2023.

“We’d hope to have both projects done by 2023. We’d be looking at around something like $2 million for the two, so there would be a lot that needs to go into it in terms of securing funding,” Mr McMahon said.

“All this is being directed at what would be good for Bendigo, which is missing out on a lot of big bowls tournaments.

“We want to turn our club into the elite bowls facility in Bendigo.

“The things we have going for our club is we are strong and growing with 250 members, we’ve got an excellent board and bowling structure in place, we own every bit of our land and financially we’re extremely sound with no debt.

“We’d really like to partner with the City of Greater Bendigo in making this the hub of Bendigo bowls.”

The bowls club has presented its feasibility study to the council.

“A number of bowls clubs have approached the City about building a covered/indoor bowls rink,” council’s active and healthy communities manager Lincoln Fitzgerald said.

“We need to resolve where this will be and any development would be subject to future budget bids and successful grant applications.”

Mr Fitzgerald added a “special closing event will be held at the end of the season as a send-off to the Kangaroo Flat pool.”