Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

I have just read today's (Feb. 20) letter by Denis Chapman "Don't blame the teens for our mall woes."   Fascinating stuff.  His observations regarding anti-social behaviour in the Hargreaves mall would make the basis of a great university thesis.  

To think that many long suffering members of the public, including myself, had it  wrong all along about the root cause of feral behaviour within the said precinct.  We mistakenly believed that good manners and lawful behaviour were expected of every citizen in a civilised society, without exception or excuse.  

We believed that aggressive, anti-social behaviour was due to a lack of parental control, a lack of discipline in schools, a lack of deterrence in our justice system, coupled with too many freedoms and an almost total lack of personal responsibility which has been accepted as the new normal.  In fact, as Denis points out, all this mayhem is simply due to the poor ambience of the mall.  

That's right, the gloomy surroundings are what is pushing these youngsters to behave so appallingly!  He may be onto something here.   As Council are often accused of wasting ratepayers money, why not "go the whole hog" and create a more placid environment for these people.  

We could have piped chamber music, leather recliner lounges, masseurs and restaurant quality food and refreshments, served by waiters in tuxedos.   Surely this would soothe the angry youth of Bendigo?  

Mind you, I have walked through the mall hundreds of times and not once has the atmosphere made me feel like indulging in feral behaviour, but then I suppose that's just me?

Eric Lakey, Bendigo

Need to push for pool funding

Congratulations to the city councillors for not closing the Golden Square Swimming Pool, but like vultures around a perceived carcass they are sitting there waiting for the community to fail.

The comment that this pool is the heart of the community is correct  and I would have thought that the council officers would have done their homework better in ascertaining the community feeling.

No consultation was undertaken with the community, they may have spoken to the pool committee. Like the development phase of carrying out a community survey and providing other opportunities for the community to have input into the proposal to close this pool.

Councillors should now in the next two years apply for funding from the state and federal governments with our local state and federal Members of Parliament.

This pool celebrated 100 years of community service and deserves the commitment of our local members of parliament.-- -having closed the Golden Square Secondary College and Laurel Street Primary School to construct the new school in Maple Street.

The school numbers are growing as is the growing population of Golden Square with its high density development and small back-yards.

Our Labor politicians should be pushing for funding from the Ministers for Education and Sports to obtain funding to improve the infrastructure of this pool now, if they truly stand for their constituents and democracy.

There is a demand for both the new pool at Kangaroo Flat and Golden Square to continue due to the demographics of development and community development.

Bill Collier, Golden Square