Vision Australia's Easter Egg Hunt will this year be held over two days on Good Friday and Easter Saturday

The Vision Australia Easter Egg Hunt that is part of the Bendigo Easter Festival will be held over two days this year.

Easter egg hunt event coordinator Deborah Gates said for the first time ever the hunt will be held on both Good Friday and Easter Saturday.

“We will be seeing around 6000 children go through the hunt over the two days, there will be 178,000 eggs for them to find,” Mrs Gates said.

Mrs Gates said they had decided to extend the event to take place over two days because in the past children had unfortunately missed out on participating in the hunt.

“Each year what we have seen is quite a few children miss out,” Mrs Gates said.

“We find particularly with younger children, we just seem to have more people wanting to take place in the hunt than there are spaces available.”

“We have been asked a number of times in the past if we would consider doing a second day for the hunt and this year we felt we would be able to do it.”

The hunts will be held near the rotunda in Rosalind Park. Bookings are essential.

For more details or to buy tickets contact the Bendigo Visitor Centre in Pall Mall on 1800 813 153 or visit