Queen’s Baton Relay in Bendigo: Follow all the action here

BENDIGO will celebrate its leg of the Queen’s Baton Relay on Wednesday.

The Queen’s Baton Relay passes through every state and territory in Australia ahead of the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast in April.

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Road closures have been put in place from 6am in Bendigo’s CBD to stop vehicles entering the city.

The road blocks are at places such as: View and Barnard streets, High and Forest streets, Napier Street and Weeroona Avenue, the McIvor Highway and Kennedy Street, and along Mollison Street.

CBD car parking while the relay is on:

The Bendigo relay action starts at Camp Hill Primary School and travels along View Street, Pall Mall, Hargreaves Street, Myers Street, Chapel Street, Baxter Street, and along Napier Street towards Lake Weeroona.

Seventeen people will also carry the baton in Echuca on Thursday, February 15, and another 22 have been chosen to participate in the relay when it reaches Kerang and Murrabit on February 16.

The history

The Queen’s Baton Relay started on Commonwealth Day, March 13 last year, at Buckingham Palace when Her Majesty placed her message inside of the baton.

Since then, it has been passed between thousands of people across Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

It will arrive on the Gold Coast for the XXI Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on April 4, where the Prince of Wales will remove the Queen’s message from the baton and read it aloud to declare the Games open.

You can follow all the action from Wednesday’s event here:


Anddd just like that, the relay’s over!

Congratulations to all those who were involved in the relay.

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Laurie Preston is ready and waiting for the baton. Family and friends have come from near and far to cheer him on!

"Say Grandpa!" shout his family and friends.

But right now, here’s Andrew Barling carrying the baton.


Lynn Walker has now got the baton!

Here she is getting a few last-minutes instructions before she took to the track.

Today’s flying past – we’ve already had 14 baton bearers do their part in the relay.

Only a few more to go!

Remember, you can watch the relay live on the Bendigo Advertiser Facebook page, or scroll down to our 10am post.


Joel Bertoncini takes the baton down Myers Street.



These cute kids from Creek Street Christian College can’t wait for the relay:

But not everyone is in a good mood.

Over on the Bendigo Addy Facebook page, there is still lots of discussion about the road closures.

Some people are arguing the relay would have been better received if it had been on a weekend.

Others are responding, saying it is like the Easter parade, when public transport takes a different route but still gets you to your destination.

Where do you stand on the issue?


Bailey Rogers has a message for baton bearer dad Nathan, chosen to take part in #QBR2018 for his work with Eaglehawk fire brigade.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of excitement happening away from the relay too.

Here’s something for all you Mick McCrann fans out there…


Watch the relay live, via the Bendigo Advertiser Facebook page.


Bendigo’s first baton bearer Glenn Woodhatch continuing his leg of the relay.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing about more traffic issues due to the road blocks.


A lot of people don’t seem happy about the road closures.

But for some people, it’s been an opportunity to get on their bike – literally – and ride into the CBD to watch the relay.

Lindsay Clay is one of the many who rode through a quiet CBD to see the baton arrive.

See what he had to say above.


Here’s those first few moments when Bendigo’s first baton bearer Glenn Woodhatch left Camp Hill Primary School to kick off the first leg of the relay.

See the 9.40am update for more footage.




Isn’t this lovely!

The wonderful Keith and Pat Stancombe, and family friend Leonie Briggs, travelled from Maldon to support baton bearer son John.

John has been honored for his dedication of the Maldon Fire Brigade.


Bendigo is feeling the effects of a strong cold front crossing the state, with a severe weather warning in place for parts of Victoria.

The Bureau of Meteorology is warning of damaging winds in forecast districts including the north central, Wimmera and central regions.

Maybe keep your hair tied back if you’re watching the relay today!

Keep updated on the wild weather here.


Tram driver Steve Kirkpatrick has an important role in today's relay.

Baton bearer Denis O'Hoy will be on board his tram for his leg of the relay.

Conductor Mikelle Dingwall will also be there for the ride.

Mr Kirkpatrick said he was thrilled to be involved.

"It's very special to be asked to drive the tram from 1903 for this important event for Bendigo,'' he said.

“It is an honour to drive this tram for Dennis O’Hoy.”


The festivities are underway.

Today’s excitement is starting at Camp Hill Primary School, where Bendigo’s baton bearers are being introduced to the students.


Despite the chaos, there are plenty of people who are excited to see the baton event in Bendigo.

Among them is Christine Lockett, who is joining the crowd to watch the relay.

“It’s a very special occasion, very momentous for Bendigo,’’ she said.

“I’m very glad I could bring my son down to experience the relay.’’

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Meanwhile, there’s been a bit of confusion about the state of Forest Street – but never fear, it remains open.


Traffic is now banked back from Napier Street to White Hills cemetery, due to the road closures in Bendigo’s CBD today:

But this isn’t the only area affected by heavy traffic.

Bendigo Advertiser reader Christine Fagan shared this picture of Barnard Street on Facebook.

She said traffic had come to a standstill due to the road closures.


Laurie Preston is ready and waiting for the baton. Family and friends have come from near and far to cheer him on!

"Say Grandpa!" Laurie Preston's family and friends.