Catholic College Bendigo renamed as Catherine McAuley College

Today is a landmark day for the school formerly known as Catholic College Bendigo, its new name is Catherine McAuley College.

Catherine McAuley College principal Brian Turner said all Year 7 students and new students in other year levels will be the first to wear the school’s new uniform.

“There will be a transition over time as students grow out of their existing school clothing, they will then move into the new uniform,” Mr Turner said.

“I think within approximately two years you will see majority of our students wearing the new uniform.”

Year 7 student Harry Fitzgerald said it was great to be a part of a new tradition at the school.

Year 7 student Eloise Holden said it was very special to be one of the first students to wear the new uniform.

Eloise’s mother Anne-Marie Holden said she was very excited to be a part of the new changes at the school.

“It is a new and exciting era for Eloise.” Mrs Holden said. 

The college has been named after Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland and who also influenced the establishment of foundations to educate and support women, children and the poor.