Tenx10 project features quality dramas in just 10 minutes

Playwrights and directors will show how much drama they can pack into 10 minutes when the Bendigo Theatre Company’s short play project returns in march.

Organisers of the Tenx10 project have selected ten 10-minute plays from 40 entries to be featured in the one-act season.

It is the third time BTC has held TENx10 with the company eager to provide more opportunities for new and emerging writers, directors and actors.

Production manager Maree Kennedy said the TENX10 programme has been increasing in popularity each year.

“People see this and want to be a part of it because it is getting a reputation as an exciting creative event,” she said.

“This has coincided with the company constantly refining the process and increasing the quality.

“Our assessor, Lois Angus, does an amazing job of not only assessing the plays for inclusion but also ensuring that the programme of plays is diverse in terms of genre, cast and audience experience.”

As well as local writers, Tenx10 will feature two international entries from Washington state and California.

“Lois has excelled this year because she has developed an incredibly entertaining programme that is about half comedy and half drama,” Ms Kennedy said. 

“The plots and themes of the plays cover a broad range of topics also so there is something that will interest and entertain everyone.”

Ms Kennedy said this year’s set of directors featured both experienced and first-time directors.

“Of the 10 Directors, about six are new to directing. Then we have a couple who have done a small amount of directing and a couple of very experienced directors,” she said.

“We are very happy to cast people with no acting experience and welcome people who want to learn some of those backstage skills like props or stage management. 

“The company is really looking to develop talent and skills in all areas of theatre and TENX10 is a great training ground for people who just want to have a go.”

A casting and information night for Tenx10 will be held at 7pm on January 31 at the BTC Arts Shed in Allingham Street. Visit the BTC Facebook page for more.

To register your interest log on to http://bit.ly/TENX10Register 

Selected plays for BTC’s Tenx10:

  • Shapeshifter? Me? by Tommy Russell
  • Mission by Robert Weibezahl
  • Slick Dame by Kay Phillips
  • Two Men, One Frypan by Megan Reidl
  • Long Time Child, First Time Father by Chris Pedler
  • My Perfect Mate by Ethan Bortman
  • Sludge by Mary White
  • Love on the Line by JW Clark
  • Myra by Bryan Harnetiaux
  • Time by Lenker Schirmer