One year since Bendigo Health opened the doors of its new hospital

Bendigo Health has celebrated its first year since moving into the new hospital facilities.

Bendigo Health board chairman Bob Cameron said the new facilties have been “fantastic” in aiding the operations of the hospital.

“We have a hospital for the future, a hospital to grow...a year in we have had an increase of nearly 10 per cent of people coming through, it’s been a big year and the team has done a great job,” Mr Cameron said.

“There were numerous challenges and the staff rose to meet them without hesitation.”

Ella Gladman gave birth to Hudson, the first baby born in the new hospital.

“It’s a fabulous new hospital, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m glad I had my baby here,” Mrs Gladman said.

Ian Bruns was the last patient to be discharged from the old hospital.

“It’s incredible, it’s just so big. The facilities, the space, it’s a magnificent place and the lovely nurses make it even better,” Mr Bruns said.

“I think Bendigo is very lucky to have such great facilities in a country town.”

The upgrades will conclude this year with a new car park, helipad, air link bridge and conference centre.