Pairing sequins with stripes may be quirky, but it works | Trending

Sequins and stripes don’t sound like they’d work together, but they do, particularly this time of year when nautical-inspired stripes and shiny party outfits are both summer staples.

Trying pairing a sparkly top with a pair of striped pants or loose flowing skirt (or vice versa), or slip on a pair of sequinned summer shoes with a striped top. 

On the home front, sequins and stripes are a fun combination when it comes to soft furnishings on the couch or bed –  be bold and use both for maximum effect.

Peace + Love gold sequin trousers, $50.95. Pair it with a fitted striped top and simple heels for maximum effect.

World Flag cushion, $109. When it comes to soft furnishings, striped cushions will work with almost any other combination.

Silver heart bag, $80. A classic double handled basket with the addition of a sequin heart.

Nautical Horizontal underwire balconnet, $109. Pair it with the sequin heart bag and watch heads turn.

Sequin tiara headband, $3. A love of pretty shiny things often starts early.

Milky Way shirt, $475. After something more understated? Try this on for size.

Razzle Dazzle mini dress, $89.95  A flirty frock you could give a twist with stripy accessories.

Isla pants, $40. Dress these pants up with a little sequinned top.

Gracie Spanish espadrille slide, $117. Step out in style with a shoe adorned with intrinsic gold sequin detailing.

Sequin tank top, $7. Stripes and sequins and unicorns, oh my!

All That Glitters brush set, $19.95. Applying your make-up has never looked so dazzling.

Jersey stripe harem shorts, $39.95. Stripes look at home on cute summer shorts.

Women’s striped thongs, $35. The metallic straps are a subtle nod to something more shiny.

The Shanty Corporation Tuscany dress, $189.95. A relaxed fit for lazy summer days.

Sequinned cushions, from $50. Never out of place on a bed or couch, combine with their striped counterpart for a fun look.

Serge stripe beach umbrella, $450. Look glamourous on the beach, without the burn.