Bendigo couple win $4.1 million Queensland apartment block in RSL raffle

A married couple in Golden Square has received a Christmas present they will never forget, winning a $4.1 million Queensland apartment building.

The pair’s names were drawn from an RSL Art Union raffle last week.

The organisation raises funds for ex-servicemen and women and their families, including essential services like crisis accommodation, advocacy, financial support and rehabilitation services.

First prize in the “Golden Treasure” raffle was the multi-million-dollar Palm Beach property, made up of five, fully furnished apartments, including a two-storey penthouse, and a communal swimming pool.

Annual rental income for the site is estimated at more than $200,000.

The winners’ names have not been released and they are instead being referred to by the pseudonyms Ken and Margaret Wright.

“Are you being fair dinkum?” Mr Wright reportedly asked when RSL Art Union general manager Tracey Bishop told him the news.

The pair bought the tickets as an early Christmas gift and had joked about winning in the days leading up to the draw.  

Asked what they would do with their winnings, Mr Wright reportedly said: “In the new year, we’ll sell our home and move to the coast.”

The winners were also awarded $80,000 in gold bullion.