Solar carports being built near Bendigo, targeting regional councils and organisations

CHARGED UP: The system can instantaneously charge four cars. Picture: Supplied
CHARGED UP: The system can instantaneously charge four cars. Picture: Supplied

A solar car parking system with electric vehicle charging has been developed in Bridgewater, west of Bendigo. 

Ceramet Solar have installed the structure, which will generate upwards of 24 kilowatts of power and up to 120kWh of energy per day.  

The system has 84 standard solar panels which can charge four electric vehicles at once.

The company hopes the system will appeal to larger organisations, like regional councils and commercial industries.

The move comes in the midst of the state government’s first renewable energy auction, which is when companies bid the lowest price they would be willing to accept to develop renewable energy projects. 

It’s hoped renewable energy groups like Bendigo Sustainability Group could benefit from the auction by partnering with a company bidding for a project in central Victoria. 

A requirement of successful auction applicants is to reinvest money in local sustainability projects.

The project finalisation comes a week after the City of Greater Bendigo released it’s environmental activities report, which revealed greenhouse gas emissions from some of the city’s major buildings were preventing council from reaching its aspirational target of halving emissions by 2020. 

The report showed natural gas emissions from council buildings jumped from 615 tonnes in 2015-17 to 1000 tonnes last financial year – an increase of almost 40 per cent.