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Result a victory for fairness and respect

The result of the public vote on marriage equality is a victory for fairness and respect.

Penny Wong (16 Nov) sees it illustrating support for ’…the sort of Australia we believe in, one that is decent, one that is fair, one that is accepting and one that turns its back on exclusion and division.’

As this milestone recognition of human rights is to be enacted is it not now time to apply the same principles to the refugees and asylum seekers trapped in the hellish situation on Manus Island?

Pat Horan, Sebastian

Results are enough

So 60/40 per cent is not a reason to think that this same-same marriage issue will be over with.

Is it a case of a substantial win, now facing a war to survive. If this margin was replicated in a Federal election, it would result in a total wipeout. But we still have people who will NOT accept the result.

Ken Price, Eaglehawk

Think of all children

This week, as we awaited the outcome of the postal survey on marriage equality, I heard MPs and Senators quoting the UN Convention of the Child. 

Article 3 - UN Convention of the Child (Best interests of the child): 

The best interests of children must be the primary concern in making decisions that may affect them. … This particularly applies to … law makers.

I wonder … are Australia’s politicians concerned about ALL children born here in Australia?

Including babies who were born in Australia then sent to detention on Nauru? Do they know these babies are now school age? Do they care that these children’s vital formative years have been spent entirely as prisoners of Australia … on a tiny island that is less than half the size of Tullamarine airport, and has 90% unemployment.

I wonder … do our lawmakers, our politicians imagine the best interest of these children are being served?

I wonder … Am I dreaming?  Or am I living in an Australia that has deliberately perverted the convention of the child?

I really do wonder … is this my “Australia Fair”?

Jan Govett, Strathdale

Waste of money

So the Federal Government's $122m 'survey' has found that about 60 per cent  of us support same-sex marriage.

Fairfax Media-ReachTell poll could have found that same result with a reliable error of 2 per cent. What a waste of money.

Leigh Callinan, Bendigo

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