Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Historic water trough belongs to community

For over 90 years an historic water trough has been located at the intersection of Spring Gully Road and Retreat Road, Spring Gully.

This heavyset concrete trough was donated by Annis and George Bills and acquired by Strathfieldsaye Council (now City of Greater Bendigo) in about 1937.

The trough was made available by the Bills family Trust to council to provide water for thirsty horses on the condition that it be placed at an intersection where animals could get a drink.

This benevolence was extended to other municipalities and numerous troughs were donated.

A local example is in the main street of Maldon where a similar trough has been situated for decades.

The intersection where the Spring Gully trough was located is adjacent to the Spring Gully Hotel.

This iconic piece of our history and property of the people of Bendigo has now been relocated from the position it occupied for 90 years. It has been uplifted, turned around and placed inside the precincts of the hotel.

No longer can the plaque and front of the trough be seen from the intersection.

You now need to go into the beer garden of the hotel to appreciate it. 

An approach has been made to Council to have the trough relocated.

This water trough is of historical significance to Bendigonians.

It seems to me that the only way to recover this piece of Bendigo’s history is to stir up a bit of public interest.

Hopefully, other readers who have knowledge of this water trough will be inspired to add their support to my letter.

Ray Andrews, Spring Gully

Concern for education

When educational standards in Australia and particularly in Victoria are so poor, why is the Andrews government determined to prolong this situation, and worsen it with inappropriate sex education for primary aged children?  A concentration on basic literacy and numeracy would be helpful.

Catching on Early and Building Respectful Relationships are two programs that should never have been introduced into the primary school  curriculum.  Hopefully they will no longer exist after 2018 state election.  Safe Schools Coalition for secondary students is another masterpiece by this failing government.

Parents have been ignored and disrespected.

Our local members of parliament should be demonstrating respect for parents' rights and children's safety by urging the Premier to withdraw these harmful programs.  It seems they agree with their implementation.

Let kids be kids!

Helen Leach, Bendigo

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