Young performers prepare to unveil Robin Hood play | Photos

Children are taking to the stage to bring the story of Robin Hood to life.

About 30 children aged six to 13 who were part of the Old Church on the Hill’s Junior Drama Club planed to take to the stage from Thursday.

For director Emily Calder it was an opportunity to share her love of the theatre and literature with the children.

“So it’s bringing together the two, of focusing not on cliched stories that have all been done recently, but delving into medieval history and learning about the origins of the culture, which many children have links to,” she said.

“And of course, Robin Hood is a fun story.”

It was the second community theatre initiative to take place at community hub the Old Church on the Hill, with a Peter Pan play shown earlier this year.

Ms Calder said it was very important children had an opportunity for self-expression and to find a creative outlet.

“It can happen in other ways, of course. But this is a very physical form of self expression, where children can learn to express emotions and thoughts in a very comprehensible form,” she said.

“This sort of expression is very important for their self-development and understanding of themselves.”

The 45 minute play would premiere on Thursday at 10am at the Old Church on the Hill. Two other shows would take place Sunday 3pm and Monday 1pm.