Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Attitude is dismissive

Many quite adequate responses will no doubt be forthcoming in response to the editorial of October 25. Much could be said in defence of the 'No' case too, correcting many an error, which I will leave to others.

To label those defending the traditional understanding of marriage as 'extremists' is hubris of the highest degree. This demonstrates not just a jaundiced view of the world, but an utterly dismissive attitude to those who disagree with him.

Yes, this debate is painful. It is painful to my own LGBT children, it is painful to me, their very traditional dad, and your posturing does not help in any way.

Rob Robertson, Epsom

Providers must deliver

We have a standard NBN 12/1 service. Until 5 months ago we had a standard ADSL service also by (the same company) at the same address.

We are just under 1.0 kilometre from the local Strathdale exchange.

As for the general complaint in the media that we are paying more for the same (slow) particularly upload speeds on NBN, I would add:

Because — and this is the absolutely key point to understand — these slow speed issues are NOT in the main a consequence of not having all-fibre, or the fact that there’s a mix of technologies (fibre, fibre to the node, to the kerb, HFC cable etc).

They are in the main a consequence of the price the Retail Service Providers are paying to access the NBN network. Clearly, these RSPs are selling high speeds to consumers but not buying enough access or bandwidth to ensure they can deliver those speeds when demand is high at peak periods...

Very simply, it is up to the ACCC or TIO to police the RSPs. To make it abundantly clear that if they sell a consumer a 25 MBps download speed, they buy enough capacity on the NBN to deliver it, and not just between 2am and 6am.

John Tait, Strathdale

Claims of slowing progress

Australia is a great continent, abounding with open spaces and natural treasures.

It is populated by people of different race, nationality, social standing and religion. Some of them are forming separate groups, rather than joining into one nation. 

They are fighting and trying to discredit each other. This is slowing down the national progress and making Australia to fall behind in the international competition.

Jiri Kolenaty, Rushworth

The backwaters of access

Will it ever end. The NBN was not a mistake, but letting Abbott and Turnbull anywhere near it was. Abbott couldn't stomach that Labor were the architects of the most modern internet service in the world, and he had to tear it down.

Then along came Turnbull and finished it off. As usual he had to blame someone, so it was the previous Government who have not been in office for four years. Didn't hear anything prior to this.

Another Malfunction, leaving us in the backwaters of internet access ability globally, never mind the excuse that the more you connect the more complaints you are likely to get, like 159,000 in one year. If this is just a blip, what is a crook result, 2 million. To make a comment like that just belies belief.

Ken Price, Eaglehawk