Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

I’d like to thank everyone who supported the Leukaemia Foundation’s recent Light the Night fundraising walk at Bendigo.

By raising money, carrying a lantern or donating you’ve shown families facing blood cancer they’re not alone, even in their darkest hour.

Over $14,562.70 has been raised by the wonderful Bendigo community.

This money will fund the emotional and practical support needed to beat blood cancer.

The Leukaemia Foundation provides locals living with blood cancer and their families with emotional and practical support, information and educational resources following a diagnosis.

And thanks to people like you, hundreds of regional families will be provided free home-away-from-home accommodation near their treating centre.

With your help we’re lighting the way forward.

Bill Petch, CEO Leukaemia Foundation

Confused by opposition

How can any Christian be opposed to the concept of Voluntary Assisted Dying? We are told in the Good Book that God so loved the earth that he gave His only begotten son to save the earth. Surely we can see that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a form of assisted suicide?

Bernard Cannon, Golden Square

Need for sensible solution

David Gonski and Alan Finkel have unwittingly started another political party – the why bother party. Why bother indeed.

At enormous cost, Gonski was asked to do a report on our education system, but it was gonski in super quick time by Pyne. Finkel ditto, on our energy crisis, but it was shredded by Abbott. 

So while we are all in that jovial mood of sending off postal surveys, why don't we include a sensible solution to our national energy supply, or that disaster the NBN, and while we are at it, take up a collection for some more Armani suits for those pesky refugees, as well as, for a new "clean" coal fired power station, because NO body else is interested in building one. Oh, and also whether anything Peter Dutton says can be believed.

Train wreck, that's an understatement. 

Ken Price, Eaglehawk

Seeking family contact

Thank you so much for your recent help in my family searches. Today I am hoping some relatives can get in touch with me. They are the BUTLER family who hailed from Inglewood. Thomas and Ada Butler who lived in Inglewood. Had a daughter Ella Myra born 1900, who married my father Rupert William CARTER born in Bendigo 1899. They married 1923 in Bendigo and by 1924 lived at Largs Bay SA.

They had a daughter Margaret (Peggy), my step sister. They divorced in the 1940's and Peggy moved back to Inglewood and later married William Kurwood. Anyone knowing any of these people I would be delighted to hear from them. I know Peggy had several children. My contact email Thank you.

Wendy Takos, Royal Park

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