Stringer’s father “disappointed” with Dogs

Jake Stringer
Jake Stringer

Jake Stringer’s father, John, has hit out at the treatment of his son during the AFL trade period.

Speaking at a special trade period breakfast, which was broadcast on AFL Trade Radio, John Stringer said Jake's treatment at the hands of the Western Bulldogs had been "disappointing".

"There's been a little bit of a public stoning, from our perspective,’’ John said.

"We thought he was obviously contracted at the Dogs and was going to stay there so for them to come out publicly and say it's time to move on is a little bit disappointing.

"I think for the whole family it's been fairly tough and probably more so for Jake."

John Stringer said the "human face of the football industry" sometimes gets forgotten.

"At the end of the day, you're dealing with a human being," he said.

"Maybe a change is really what he needs.

"Essendon have been quite supportive so we are hopeful that's what will transpire."

Jake Stringer's manager, Paul Connors, says he is hopeful a trade will get done to see his player leave the Bulldogs.

"They don't want him, so why would they want to keep him," Connors told AFL Trade Radio.

Asked if two second round picks was a fair exchange, Connors said he thought it was, but the Bulldogs could have had pick 11 and blinked.

"If they don't trade Stringer ... he'll go very cheaply the following year you would think. And then the dialogue around if they keep Stringer and they don't have a great year, that'd be interesting as well."

Connors said he "challenged" the idea that it was a mutual decision for Stringer to explore his options outside the Bulldogs.

Stringer is now on holiday in the United States.