Green-thumbed thieves steal plants in Bendigo

Many plants look their best in the spring months, and it seems this has proved too tempting for green-thumbed thieves in Bendigo.

Within the past week, Bendigo police received two reports after plants were taken from gardens.

At the weekend, two pencil pines, about 1.2 metres in height, went missing from the front of a Bendigo property.

Last week, shrubs and other plants, worth about $200 dollars, were stolen in Golden Square.

The Bendigo Advertiser is also aware of two other recent incidents involving the theft of several plants and garden decorations.

The theft of plants is not unheard of: a few months ago, about 100 native plants were stolen from public gardens in Castlemaine.

Earlier this year, Kyneton police found a woman who had allegedly stolen more than 70 plants from gardens during a three-week thieving spree.

And last year, St Matthew’s Church and Long Gully residents fell victim to thieves who took fruit trees and native plants.