Best tennis centre in regional Australia

ON TRACK: Bendigo Tennis is going from strength to strength as it rolls out the completed project, with more stages in the planning.
ON TRACK: Bendigo Tennis is going from strength to strength as it rolls out the completed project, with more stages in the planning.

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TENNIS is not only a sport, it’s a community. Whether you are playing in your earliest years or your latest, tennis brings every generation together.

Playing any sport is great for so many reasons as most offer great workouts, competition, camaraderie and fun.

With the recent opening of the Bendigo Tennis Centre’s new stage of growth, this is what the president Paul Henshall had to say.

“THE establishment of this amazing new facility for Bendigo is a great example of collaboration between Federal, State and Local Government as well as Tennis Australia, Tennis Victoria and Bendigo Tennis.

This significant project spans six years and I would like to thank everyone involved for being part of the journey. In particular Lincoln Fitzgerald from the City of Greater Bendigo and Leon Retallick the Bendigo Tennis Manager for their many hours of time and effort.”

Paul Henshall,

President, Bendigo Tennis

The sponsors of the tennis feature include: 

The Rising Sun Hotel

Bendigo Regional Air Conditioning Services

City of Greater Bendigo


Firstly you can play forever. Children can start playing tennis at a very young age, as early as three years old, and you can play until you can no longer walk. What other sport can you play from 3 to 93?

It’s a great workout.  Many sports are great workouts, but few sports offer the fun and anaerobic activity that tennis offers.  Tennis players are almost constantly in motion, and using nearly every muscle in their body.  It builds muscles and stamina.

It’s good for your mind as well as your body.  Tennis is as mental a sport as any.  You can be a great player, but not fulfil your potential if your mental game is weak.  Playing tennis helps get that mind in good shape.

It’s social.  You can simply go for a hit with family and friends or you can join a social competition. You not only enjoy the game during points, but also between, before and after the match!  All you need is a racquet and ball.

It’s played everywhere.  Doesn’t matter where you travel you can find a tennis court in almost anywhere across the world.  Tennis players are always ready to for a hit, just bring your racquet.

And there are many other reasons – it’s affordable, competitive, has flexible playing times and less injuries.  And to top all of this off the new facilities offer first class courts, café, function rooms, pro-shop and an environment to gather and simply enjoy the game.


Life is busy and it’s difficult to make space for the things you truly enjoy. 

We know it’s important for so many reasons; your physical and mental health, fitness, relaxation and social connection.

Then we also know that there’s so many who enjoy, in fact thrive, on some healthy competition.

In these busy it’s difficult to commit to or even find a sport that offers you as many opportunities to participate than tennis.

Like the need for variety in your game, Bendigo Tennis offers you plenty of variety in competitions.

The tennis season kicks off at the beginning of October and you are sure to find a competition to suit. 

Summer Pennant 2017/2018

Premier League                 -              October 7 – March 24

Senior Pennant                  -              October 7 – March 24

Junior Pennant                  -              October 9 – March 26

Midweek Pennant            -              October 9 – March 26

Night Pennant (Spring 2017)

A Reserve Ladies               -              Tuesdays commencing October 10

B Grade Ladies                  -              Tuesdays commencing October 10

A Reserve Men                  -              Thursdays commencing October 12

A Reserve 1 Men               -              Thursdays commencing October 12

B Grade Men                     -              Mondays commencing October 9

Open                                   -              Mondays commencing October 9

A Reserve Mixed               -              Wednesdays commencing October 11

B Grade Mixed                  -              Wednesdays commencing October 11

Perhaps you are looking to refresh your game, take up the sport for the first time or get your kids involved in coaching, then make sure you enquire about what’s on offer while you’re enjoying a coffee in the Healthy Serve Café  or picking up some gear at the Pro Shop.

There is so much going on at Bendigo Tennis, it is certainly worth a trip down to check it out.