Be.Bendigo CEO Leah Sertori reflects on leadership ahead of new role as Community Leadership Loddon Murray EO

OUTGOING Be.Bendigo chief executive officer Leah Sertori has stressed the importance of supporting the region’s emerging leaders, ahead of her new role. 

After almost three years at the helm of the former Bendigo Business Council, Ms Sertori has resigned to accept the top job at Community Leadership Loddon Murray. 

“Our region demands a lot of our leaders,” she said. 

“We expect our leaders to influence change for a better economy, vibrant community and for our environment.”

However, Ms Sertori said the challenges were manifold.

“We are leading in complex and uncertain times. Never before have our leaders had to communicate so voraciously, across so many channels,” she said. 

“Never have they faced such a need to lead across sectors, serving all of their stakeholders. Never have the stakes been higher in the face of an international deficit in leadership capability.

“Our emerging leaders deserve the best access to development. I look forward to serving the region in this role.”

Having served in chief executive officer roles for ten years, Ms Sertori said she was excited to join an organisation committed to developing emerging leaders.

Community Leadership Loddon Murray chair Anita Dickons said the board was delighted to welcome Ms Sertori to the organisation. 

“Our strategic plan includes an intention to develop a suite of new services and products to support emerging leaders in the region,” Ms Dickons said. 

“Leah’s skills and experience will help us achieve our goals.

“We look forward to consulting with all of our stakeholders to inform the development of those services.”

Community Leadership Loddon Murray’s flagship service is a Community Leadership Program. 

Our emerging leaders deserve the best access to development.

Leah Sertori

Ms Sertori said opportunities to enhance leadership skills should no longer be considered luxuries.

“It’s a must-have,” she said. 

“The pace of change will never be as slow again as it is today.”

Be.Bendigo has grown and matured under Ms Sertori’s leadership. 

The organisation’s annual turnover has increased by about $500,000 since she joined the team in 2015.

“It’s in great shape to transition to a new leader,” Ms Sertori said. 

Be.Bendigo chair David Richmond thanked Ms Sertori for her service, which ends on October 19. 

“She’s been a fabulous asset to Be.Bendigo,” he said. 

The organisation is reviewing its criteria for a new chief executive officer, which it hopes to appoint “in coming months”.