'It's disappointing, mindless really': Cars vandalised overnight in QEO car park

TWO cars have sustained extensive damage after they were vandalised in the Queen Elizabeth Oval car park overnight.

The windshield of a BMW had been smashed with a large blunt object, damaging the car’s metalwork and mirrors.

The owner left the car intact in the car park on Saturday evening, and returned shortly after midday on Sunday to discover the damage.

The car was not parked under a tree, and the damage appeared to be too severe and targeted to be caused by a windswept object.

He estimated the damage at between $2000 and $3000.

“Obviously it’s a random attack,” he said.

“It’s disappointing, mindless really.”

He was alerted to the damage by another car owner, who returned to the car park at midday to find the windscreen of his Hyundai had been smashed.

The owner, who had played in the under-18 grand final for Sandhurst, said a blunt object would have been needed to cause the damage.

“It needed to be something pretty sharp,” he said.

The two cars were about 20 metres apart, and no other cars appeared to be damaged.

The incident was two weeks after a number of cars were keyed in central Bendigo.

Police have been notified. Anyone with information about the vandalism can contact Bendigo police on 5448 1300.