Seven intervention orders fail to stop Heathcote man from allegedly hassling neighbours again

A HEATHCOTE man who has been subject to seven intervention orders from his neighbours was found passed out at the back of their house after earlier launching a verbal tirade against the family.

Kevin Frisch was denied bail in the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on Monday on multiple counts of making threats to kill.

The family spotted Frisch near their chicken pen at 3.30pm on Friday shouting “you’re dead” and slurring his words.

He then came within a metre of their front door before backing away. Police arrived soon after but could not find Frisch.

After a brief search he was found asleep at the rear of their house.

When he woke up, he started to “swing his arms” and struggle with police who were required to use OC spray to subdue him.

He was taken to Bendigo police station but continued to fight with custody officers and was subdued with OC spray for a second time.

The incident was one month after he last threatened the family.

On August 14, Frisch could be heard yelling outside of their house threatening to kill one of the members of the family.

Police arrived and took Frisch into custody, noting that he could barely walk to the divisional van. Frisch refused to answer police questions.

The court heard Frisch has “a long history of threatening and hassling the victim”, who lives in “constant fear”. They have taken our seven intervention orders against Frisch since 2008.

The houses are in a sparsely populated area of Heathcote and Frisch had to walk 200 metres into the property of the family to reach their house.

Frisch represented himself in court and said it was “pretty normal that police make me sound as bad as humanly possible”.

He conceded he had issues with alcohol and he was trying to move to a house in Golden Square.

Magistrate Patrick Southey said that would be a good idea.

“I question whether Golden Square is far enough away from Heathcote. Orbost or Warrnambool would be better,” he said.

Frisch was denied bail and will appear in the Bendigo Magistrates’ Court at a later date.