Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

Rallying for a yes vote in same-sex marriage survey

Over the past couple of years I have seen Bendigo's support for the non-hetero and gender diverse community greatly increase.

I must admit I'm proud of the action that has been taken to make Bendigo a more inclusive community. 

Growing up in Bendigo as an active member of my sporting and schooling communities I struggled with feelings of same-sex attraction and the hiding and denial of these feelings.

There was a constant worry that someone knew I was gay when they called me a fag or poof. There was shame and guilt when I did the same to someone else, just to fit in and not be caught out.

This was not a community I felt comfortable in when coming to terms with who I was, so the easiest way to deal with this was to deeply suppress these feelings. 

This in turn lead to feelings of being trapped and unable to live freely. It lead to decisions to not partake in certain activities through fear I would look "Gay".

Am I writing this for sympathy? No. Am I writing this in the hope that it will add a personal touch to the upcoming postal survey? Yes.  It's important to remember this postal survey is not about politics, religion or the safe schools program. It is about real people and their right to feel equal among peers. 

Thank you to the community for showing steps forward.

On Saturday I'll be rallying in the hope a resounding "Yes" vote is the outcome of this survey.

Not only so two consenting adults can commit to each other regardless of their gender, but so the young people who are questioning themselves and their very existence can feel comfortable within their own community knowing the government supports their equal rights.

Jacob Carroll, Kennington

A simple vote for equality

Today I received my papers for the Australian Marriage Law Survey. Also in my letter box was a flyer from the Coalition for Marriage.  I felt totally confronted by their assumption that if I voted YES I would be supporting radical (written to imply disastrous) consequences. This is a simple vote for equality.

Di O’Neill, Kennington

Marriage is between a man and a woman

The Biblical definition of marriage is between one man and one woman for life. We refer to your story published on August 29, 2017 headed “Central Victorian Christian leaders support marriage equality, urge people to ‘vote with love’.”   The headline is an overstatement to say the least, if not misleading when considering the facts. The article totally omitted the view of the overwhelming majority of churches in the Bendigo region. It gives the reader the impression that there is a widely-supported view that “Christian leaders” support homosexual marriage. Thus, the reader is also left with the view that the opinions of a few church leaders are to be trusted over and above the Word of God – The Bible. As our local newspaper, it is vital that your stories represent a balanced view.  Our view and conviction as a local Bible believing and practising church is that marriage was instituted by God Himself and the marriage covenant is between one man and one woman for life. It is also our practise that we care and pray for all citizens of Bendigo equally.  

Allan Mitchell, Pastor, Golden City Baptist Church (Independent), Golden Square