Bendigo Advertiser letters to the editor

We have recently concluded the 140th Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo and I would like to thank the many residents, businesses and sponsors who took part in our event to make it the most successful ever. I would particularly like to mention City of Bendigo CEO Craig Niemann and the Major Events team Terry Karamaloudis and Raph Beh for the amazing support they have given to our event since it moved to Bendigo almost 20 years ago, including streamlining permit applications to street sweeping the pavilions before and after the show.   We thank you for recognising the benefit our event brings to this region, we are fortunate to have such a well led council who are always supportive to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show.

Margot Falconer, Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Support for letters

Good to see all the letters to the editor supporting the no to transgender (any two people) marriage case. The biblical argument is very relevant, but I'd urge all voters to be aware of the consequences of transgender 'marriage'.  Don't trust any government to protect your children from the harmful effects of gender fluid theory and extreme sex education of 'Safe" Schools Coalition.   Boys encouraged to wear dresses and share the girls' private change rooms, toilets and compete in sports. The Sex Discrimination Act (amended 2013) ensures that transgender marriage be taught in schools as normal and that every person's gender is fluid.  Scary stuff for kids.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Lack of compassion

The federal government’s latest initiative of imposing a ‘final departure bridging E visa‘ on vulnerable refugees who have been brought to Australia for medical treatment shows its utter lack of compassion and contempt for human rights. Those subject to this visa include up to 400 people living in the community, including 37 babies born in Australia.  These men, women and children will have their government allowance of approximately $300 per fortnight stopped and they’ll be evicted from their housing with a few weeks’ notice. This punitive action is intended to force them to return to unsafe conditions on Manus Island or Nauru, while Minister Dutton describes the actions of lawyers defending their legal rights as ‘un-Australian’. It is notable that the government has lost or failed to defend many legal challenges to its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers. However, it continues with the immoral and illogical belief that no cruelty is too extreme because of its supposed deterrence to people smugglers. In fact, it seems that people smuggling boats have been prevented from reaching Australia by the turn-back actions of Border Force so it is hard to see how cruel treatment of people already here is likely to have any deterrent effect.  Meanwhile it drives innocent people to despair and fills decent Australians with sorrow and shame society has come to this.

Pat Horan, Sebastian

Sticking with Jesus

I am a practicing Catholic and I’ll be voting no in the same-sex marriage postal survey. I’m sticking with Jesus, my Lord and God. He blessed the marriage of a man and a woman at the marriage feast at Cana.  After His holy mother pointed out that they had no wine left, he changed the 12 pitchers of water into wine. That’s good enough for me. May He change the miserable water of my life and love into His wine.

Kaye Richardt, Knowsley