Bendigo business The Edge Equine helps animal welfare charities overseas

Bendigo-made dental tools are en route to help working camels in India.

The equipment, made by Bendigo company The Edge Equine, will make its way to the Help in Suffering Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi, India in October, with the help of Australian charity Animal Aid Abroad.

It is not the first time dental gear from the Bendigo business has found its way to animal welfare charities overseas, with tools being sent to places such as Egypt, Africa and Indonesia.

The Edge Equine owner Tim McMahon said the company was happy to be able to help.

“We’re only doing a little part of it,” he said. 

“It’s the people who are going out there doing the work that are doing the hard slog.”

“Pyramid horses”, donkeys and camels in Cairo, Egypt, have also benefited from The Edge Equine’s equipment through UK charity Prince Fluffy Kareem, who the company has been working with for at least six years.

“The biggest thing is the animals that these guys service are working animals, they’re not pleasure animals so they’re vital to people’s lives,” Tim said.

“In these places, these are work animals and they’re in third world countries so there’s no money for animal care.”

“That’s where people like the vets and Prince Fluffy and these guys, they step in and they help impoverished people to maintain their animals.”

The Camel Rescue Centre in India provides long-term care to camels as well as treatment for working animals and advice to their owners.

The Edge Equine has been manufacturing dental equipment for horses for the past 15 years and is among the biggest companies in its line of work in the world.

About 40 per cent of the company’s stock in exported to 30-odd countries, all made by the team of seven employees in Bendigo.

“We make a big range of bits and pieces but our main products are hand floats and rasps for filing teeth,” Tim said.

“We do a lot of veterinary shows around the world as well – we’re here there and everywhere.”