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Biblical view of marriage is between one man and one woman 

I was saddened to read the headline “Central Victorian Christian Leaders Support Marriage Equality” because to my knowledge christian leaders in Bendigo were not asked for their comments. In fact two of the people named in the article do not minister in Victoria.

As a leader in the church I do encourage respectful debate and I uphold that God is indeed loving and welcoming.

I believe I can do that while still advocating what I understand to be the biblical view of marriage between one man and one woman.  

Within an atmosphere of grace and respect it is not uncommon for members of churches to hold differing views on issues.

I do not believe the story published represented that viewpoint or engaged with Bendigo church leaders.  

Greg Harris, Senior Minister South East Bendigo Anglican Church

Comment from others should be sought

I would like to comment on Tuesdays front page article "Bendigo Christian  leaders support Same-sex marriage". 

The Advertiser only printed quotes from three Anglican ministers, a Uniting Church minister and Fr Richards from St Paul’s.

I am  disappointed you have only published one letter from a Penticostal pastor.

Why not get a balanced comment from other Church leaders, for example, Revival Centre, AOG, Victory Church, Church of Christ, Seventh-Day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witnesses or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

It is obvious the Advertiser supports the changes to the "Marriage act", however from the perspective of professionalism and unbiased reporting other Christian pastors could have their opinions published.

The Bible tells Christians that they are a bright and shining light set on a hill that cannot be hidden.

The light from the Bendigo Advertiser on this subject is sadly not very bright.

Bill Lesuey, Eaglehawk

Leaders will encourage congregations to vote no

Wow, what a statement the Bendigo Advertiser has made with their front page today, Tuesday 29 August 2017. To the keen eye it will quickly become obvious that the article is based on five church leaders only.

In Bendigo there are probably 10 times that number of Christian leaders that will vote no and be encouraging their congregations, when asked, to vote no along with them.

These are the times that scripture warns of: "They will look for teachers who will tell them only what they want to hear". 2 Timothy 4:3

Leighton Gates, Bendigo

‘But we love each other’ is irrelevant 

In response to the page 1 and 4 articles (Bendigo Advertiser, 29/8) may I say that the word ‘some’ was sadly missing. You listed the opinions of five Christian leaders when there are over 80 churches in the Bendigo phone book. 

I think most of their ‘leaders’ would have been happy to have given an opinion re same-sex marriage. The heading ‘Bendigo Christian leaders support same-sex marriage’ is rather flamboyant.

I also would like to point out that if ‘love’ is the criterion for same-sex marriage, then we need to explore that a little further.

Does that apply to members of a family who may wish to marry one another? Or if one decides to marry a second or third partner, on the grounds of love?

If love is the criterion, how can such a request be refused?

Obviously such a request would be refused.

So therefore, surely the cry ‘but we love each other’ is irrelevant. 

Rev. George Buckle, Long Gully Uniting Church

Support for biblical view of marriage

In reference to the article: Bendigo Christian Leaders Support Same Sex Marriage (Page 4 on Tuesday 29 August);

I am surprised at the generalisation used in the previous heading which claimed that all churches are in agreement on this issue.

I pastor a significant church in Bendigo and support the traditional, historical and biblical view on marriage being between a man and a women.

While I believe in a persons ability to make their own choice and lifestyle I feel that those with religions beliefs ought to have that same freedom.

I have witnessed people on both sides of the issue being disrespectful towards each other and this saddens me.

Whatever the outcome of the plebiscite, our church will continue to love the Bendigo community with love, mercy and grace.

Kerrin Wallis, Senior Pastor of Connect Church Bendigo

Note those who disagree

I am amazed at how newspapers continue to promote equality and yet frequently don't give equal print space to differing opinions.  Adam Holmes' article "Central Victorian Christian leaders support marriage equality" is a classic example.  

He has given the opinion of five church leaders and one lay person all of whom give the same opinion.  

Only one of these leaders is quoted as being from Bendigo.  

The article does mention in passing that the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst has a statement that would disagree.    

I am not sure of how many churches there are in Bendigo but I know of at least 5 Baptist, 3 Presbyterian, 4 ACC, 1 CRC, 1 Church of Christ, 1 Lutheran, 6 Uniting, 2 Salvation Army, 6 other Anglican, a number of independent churches as well as the many Catholic.  

The opinions of these churches have not been mentioned.  

I know a number of them would disagree with the conclusion of the article on reasonable grounds.  

It would be great to see an equal length article printed before the end of the week citing the opinions of church leaders that see homosexual marriage as contrary to the teaching of the Bible.  

That would be editorial equality.

Pieta McLean, Kangaroo Flat

DIFFERENT VIEWS: There have been mixed reactions after some Christian leaders came out in support of same-sex marriage.

DIFFERENT VIEWS: There have been mixed reactions after some Christian leaders came out in support of same-sex marriage.


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