Loddon Valley Football Netball League grand final 2017 | Live coverage

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  • Under-18s – Pyramid Hill 12.7 (79) defeat Maiden Gully 4.5 (29);
  • Reserves – Bridgewater 8.11 (59) defeat Calivil United 5.10 (40);
  • Seniors – Calivil United 13.16 (94) defeat Bridgewater 8.12 (60).


  • 15-under – Maiden Gully YCW 59 defeat Pyramid Hill 46; 
  • C reserve – Bridgewater 51 defeat Maiden Gully YCW 37;
  • 17-under – Maiden Gully YCW 55 defeat Bridgewater 53;
  • C grade – Bridgewater 40 defeat Newbridge 28;
  • B grade – Bridgewater 55 defeat Maiden Gully YCW 54;
  • A grade – Pyramid Hill 45 defeat Mitiamo 38.


UPDATE, 5.12pm: That wraps up our live coverage of the Loddon Valley Football Netball League grand final day.

Be sure to check in later tonight for match reports and interviews.

We will also have all the photos from the day online as soon as we can.

LIVE VIDEO: Here’s the senior medal presentations.

UPDATE, 5.05pm: Luke Marchesi from Calivil United has been named best on ground.

The Demon’s win today also ends Bridgewaters hold over the cup. 

Before today, the Mean Machine had won the last seven LVFNL flags.

LIVE VIDEO: Calivil United wins the LVFNL senior premiership.

UPDATE, 4.52pm: Calivil United has won its first flag since 2008 after defeating Bridgewater.

The final score was the Demons 13.16 (94) to Bridgewater 8.12 (60).

Congratulations to Calivil United.

LIVE VIDEO: Sports journalist Kieran Iles chats to Pyramid Hill premiership winning netballers Gabby and Zoe Kennedy.

UPDATE, 4.42pm: Bryce Curnow kicks his third goal to take Calivil United to 13.14 (92) to Bridgewater’s 7.12 (54).

There has been a bit of confrontation in the last quarter with sports journalist Luke West saying the game has turned ugly.

UPDATE, 4.30pm: Bryce Curnow soccers a goal from 30 metres out to put Calivil United ahead by more than four goals.

O’Neil follows up with another goal for the Demons to lead 11.13 (79) to Bridgewater 6.12 (48).

Addy sports journalist Luke West is at Serpentine and is calling the premiership for Calivil United.

UPDATE, 4.17pm: The Mean Machine has a 16-point deficit to make up in the last quarter. Three-quarter time score Calivil United 8.12 (60) to Bridgewater 6.8 (44).

Over at the netball courts, Pyramid Hill has defeated Mitamo 45-38 to win the A-grade premiership.

UPDATE, 4.12pm: Late in the third quarter the Demons 8.11 (59) lead Bridgewater 6.8 (44).

Calivil United have kicked the last five goals.

UPDATE, 4.07pm: Around the grounds – North Bendigo hold a 21 point lead over Huntly close to three-quarter time.

LIVE VIDEO: Here’s the final quarter of the A-grade netball final. Pyramid Hill leads 34-30 against Mitiamo.

UPDATE, 4.02pm: Calivil United have hit the front thanks to a Bryce Curnow goal. The Demons 6.9 (45) lead Bridgewater 6.8 (44).

UPDATE, 3.50pm: In the A-grade netball Pyramid Hill is maintaining its lead. The Bulldogs lead 24-14 at half time over Mitiamo.

LIVE VIDEO: Here’s a half time wrap from our sports reporter Luke West.

UPDATE, 3.30pm: Half time in the seniors grand final with Bridgewater 5.5 (35) leading Calivil United 3.7 (25).

UPDATE, 3.23pm: Pyramid Hill have the early lead over Mitiamo in the A-grade netball. It leads 11-7 at quarter time.

Earlier Bridgewater defeated Newbridge 40-28 to win the C-grade premiership.

Bridgewater also one the B-grade flag with a one goal win over Maiden Gully YCW. Final score was 55-54.

That makes three netball flags for the Mean Machine today with wins in the B-grade, C-grade and C-grade reserve.

UPDATE. 3.09pm: Bridgewater have kicked two goals in a minute to hit the front in the seniors grand final.

The Mean Machine lead Calivil United 3.2 (20) to 2.4 (16).

UPDATE, 3pm:Around the grounds – North Bendigo is leading Huntly by 5 points in the HDFL preliminary final.

At Serpentine the second quarter of the LVFNL grand final between Calivil United and Bridgewater has just started.

UPDATE, 2.52pm: Quarter time in the seniors grand final. Calivil United 2.3 (15) lead Bridgewater 1.1 (7).

UPDATE, 2.43pm: The Demons kick the first goal of the game and then get a second immediately after a free kick was paid off the ball. Score is Calivil United 2.2 (14) to Bridgewater 0.0 (0)

UPDATE, 2.35pm: Tight start in the senior grand final. Calivil United 0.2 (2) lead Bridgewater 0.0 (0).

Bridgewater’s Deon Jones was yellow carded earlier in the quarter meaning he will spend 15 minutes off the ground.

UPDATE, 2.05pm: The seniors grand final is up at 2.15pm with Bridgewater and Calivil United competing to hold up the silverware.

At 2.30pm the final netball grand finals get underway with Mitamo and Pyramid Hill meeting in the A-grade and Maiden Gully YCW and Bridgewater doing battle in the B-grade.

UPDATE, 2pm: Siren sounds in the reserves grand final and Bridgewater have won it.

Final score was the Mean Machine 8.11 (59) to Calivil United 5.10 (40).

That will be disappointing for Demons’ players and supporters who have seen the reserves go through the 2017 undefeated.

Over at the netball grand finals, Bridgewater has won the C-grade premiership beating Newbridge.

UPDATE, 1.53pm: It’s a great battle in the reserves grand final. Calivil United are trying to trim back a 10 point margin. 

With less than 10 minutes to go it is Bridgewater 7.7 (49) leading Calivil United 5.10 (40).

Is there enough time for the undefeated Demons to come back?

UPDATE, 1.37pm: Maiden Gully YCW has defeated Bridgewater 55-53 in over time to win the under-17 grand final. 

UPDATE, 1.33pm: The Mean Machine has kicked away slightly in the reserves grand final. Bridgewater 6.7 (43) lead Calivil United 3.8 (26). Siren has just sounded for three-quarter time.

UPDATE, 1.18pm: Scores tied at the end of regular time in the under-17 netball grand final. Maiden Gully YCW and Bridgewater players preparing to play 10 minutes of overtime.

LIVE VIDEO: Last quarter of the under-17 grand final between Maiden Gully YCW and Bridgewater.

UPDATE, 1.07pm: Half time in the reserves grand final. Bridgewater maintain its lead over the Demons. The score is the Mean Machine 4.3 (27) to Calivil United 2.5 (17).

UPDATE, 12.50pm: Around the grounds – In the TAC Cup, the Greater Western Victoria Rebels are leading the Bendigo Pioneers at three quarter time. It’s 11.10 (76) to 5.6 (36).

UPDATE, 12.41pm: Quarter time in the reserves. Bridgewater 2.2 (14) leading Calivil United 0.3 (3).

Bridgewater also leading at half time in the under-17 netball grand final. The Mean Machine 24 is ahead of Maiden Gully YCW 20.

UPDATE, 12.32pm: Bridgewater have got off to a good start in the reserves grand final.

Early in the first quarter they lead 2.1 (13) to Calivil United’s 0.1 (1).

The Mean Machine’s reserves side has a chance to win their third flag in a row.

UPDATE, 12.25pm: Over on the netball courts, Bridgewater has defeated Maiden Gully YCW 51-37 to claim the C-reserve flag.

Tessie Symes was named best on court.

In the under-15 netball grand final Maiden Gully YCW had the better of Pyramid Hill to win 59-46.

LIVE VIDEO: LVFNL under 18 grand final presentation.

UPDATE, 12.02pm: In a dominant performance Pyramid Hill has claimed the LVFNL under 18 premiership.

The final score was Pyramid Hill 12.7 (79) to Maiden Gully 4.5 (29).

Calivil United and Bridgewater are up next in the reserves grand final.

UPDATE, 11.50am: Pyramid Hill are heading for a big win in the under-18s.

Half way through the last term they lead 12.4 (76) to Maiden Gully YCW’s 3.5 (23).

UPDATE, 11.25am: Pyramid Hill has got away to a great start against Maiden Gully YCW in the under-18s grand final.

The Bulldogs lead 7.4 (46) to YCW’s 1.4 (10) midway through the third quarter.

EARLIER: Good luck to all teams playing in today’s Loddon Valley Football Netball League grand final!

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