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DELIGHT yourself with a dip in our Your Home magazine.
DELIGHT yourself with a dip in our Your Home magazine.

The Bendigo Advertiser’s Special Publication ~ Your Home 2017

If you can’t resist the Lifestyle channel, think Grand Design’s Kevin McLeod is the bees knees, and want to keep nesting until the cows come home, then you will adore the great stories, quirky finds and helpful homing hints in our 2017 Your Home magazine.

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Here’s a tasty sample of one of our stories called -

‘Making a good first impression’

Emerging from winter, and with some wet and windy weather behind us, the entrance ways to our homes might be looking a little worse for wear.

Here are some quick tasks to restore the welcome element to your home. You won’t need anything special to get started, except to maybe hire a pressure cleaner.

Look up: The light next to your front door can easily be forgotten. Remove the fixture, throw out the bugs, give the bulb and glass a wipe over.

Sweep: Sweep before doing anything else because if you leave it to last, you’ll sweep dust and dirt over your newly-cleaned surfaces.

Paint: What’s more welcoming than a clean and shiny front door. Maybe it’s time to try out that red you’ve always considered?

Clean: Wash down your garage door with a rag dipped in a small amount of dish soap and water in a bucket. This is a great one for the kids on a warm day. Once the whole door has been clean, spray it off with the hose or pressure washer on low setting . Be sure to wash the trim around the door to give it an extra clean look.

Drive out the dirt: Now is the time to turn up the pressure spray. Despite the recent rain, or perhaps because of it, a greasy or slimy driveway could do with a strong wash, as could you deck and walls. Check first the right pressure for each job – for example, some weatherboards (especially if the paint is peeling) won’t take kindly to the pressure.

See clearly: Is spring not look as clear as you expected? Maybe you’re looking out through dirty windows. Clean the screens first and wash them down the hose (the pressure cleaner will be too strong for this). You might need to give them a scrub with soap and water too. Start with the outside. If you start inside, you may not be able to tell just how much of a difference you are making.

All decked out: Cold and wet days have probably left their mark on your deck: fungus, mildew stains, and dirt.

While it may be tempting to throw bleach around, don't. Pressure wash the deck and use a deck-cleaner solution. The extra effort will be worth it, especially when you’re relaxing with a cold drink admiring your efforts.