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Kooka decision baffles

It was of interest to read in the Bendigo Advertiser on August 7 (“Biscuit brand shelved”) that Woolworths will no longer be stocking Kooka’s Country Cookies in stores outside of Victoria and Tasmania.

These are lovely biscuits and also local Australian products. Woolworths saying that they support local Australian suppliers whenever they can is a load of rubbish.

I have been shopping at Woolworths for years and in particular buying small Bake at Home dinner rolls. Just recently, I noticed that the packaging of these rolls had changed and not thinking bought two packets.

When I arrived home to unpack, I noticed on the new packaging of these rolls a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Thinking this was strange, I inspected the packaging further to see that these rolls are made in France.

I am sorry, but I have to ask why in hell is Woolworths buying these products from France?

There has to be local suppliers of these products. I also have to ask myself if for all these years that I have been buying these Bake at Home rolls, have I just presumed that they were from their bakery or other Australian bakery?

Recently, Woolworths brought out a new variety of biscuits and one in particular sold out very quickly. These have not been back on the shelf for months. Are these also made overseas, and is this why there is a long delay in restocking these biscuits?

You wouldn’t have the same problem with Kooka’s Cookies, as they are local.

Jan Kiernan, Spring Gully

Not so happy to be home

When I flew back to Melbourne recently from an overseas trip, many of the passengers were tourists visiting Australia. As the plane made its landing approach we were subjected to an announcement presumably from an angry voiced Border Force male warning of the terrible consequences of any breach of Australian border rules.

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton

Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton

While I was glad to be home to see friends and family, I was not glad to be back in an Australia that is increasingly hostile even to the tourists that come here.

Not a word about welcome to Australia and we hope you have a nice stay in our country. The whole approach was bogan and cringeworthy and I felt embarrassed. Lift your game, Mr Dutton.

Vaughan Greenberg, Chewton

Courage to change

Scott Ramsay's letter (“Time to take action on rail”, Bendigo Advertiser, August 5) provides some insights into the issues of increased car usage and the lack of public transport in Bendigo, especially the need for a light-rail network.

He is right to raise the fact of how our local council and politicians have gone very quiet on this proposal.

There appears no real substance in attempts to reduce the need for cars or attempts to tackle outdated views on what is required for a regional city of 200,000 population.

Scott Ramsay. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Scott Ramsay. Picture: GLENN DANIELS

Our city councillors can waffle on about pet subjects, which appeal to them personally and do not, in my opinion, represent all citizens and ratepayers of Bendigo.

Growth areas should be included in a light-rail project for Bendigo.

We require councillors who can think outside of the box and to have courage to change.

The continual chants emitting from our council that they are working together to be Australia's most liveable city and creating the world's most liveable community are wearing thin.

There is a need to reduce the traffic from heavy vehicles using High Street and to create a ring road and transport hub, as well as a light-rail network if we are to grow to 200,000 population.

We also need local politicians prepared to voice the opinions of and for the benefit of Bendigonians.

Bill Collier, Golden Square


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