Gallery’s students showcase their work

Art students of all ages will have their hard work showcased in a new exhibition.

The Arnold Street Gallery will launch Forms of Creativity on Friday night with works from primary and secondary students being exhibited alongside work of adults who have been honing their creative skills.

Gallery owner Susan McMinn said knowing how to exhibit and hang artwork is important for new artists.

“This is the third student exhibition we have held and they have been really successful,” she said.

“It is great for students to come and do the work and for them to actually see the result on the wall.

“Learning how to hold an exhibition, how to hang your work and work through those processes is really important.” 

McMinn said the level of skills in a lot her students is amazing.

“A lot of people who come have done some sort of course a long time ago and then decided they want to get back into art,” she said.

“Some have retired and taken art on. Its a real community.

Art classes at the Arnold Street Gallery focus on four-week projects.

Forms of Creativity demonstrates the different types of art students have been taking on.

“Our adult art classes have been doing portraiture and we had an abstract art class that focused on Picasso,” McMinn said.

“The primary school-aged kids have been working on a self potraits and using collage to create landscapes behind their drawings while our secondary students did some printmaking.”

The gallery has also just start an art therapy class and a classes for emerging professional artists.

“At the moment we have about 40 students (across our classes) which is great. It is really needed in Bendigo,” McMinn said.

“Art therapy just started and we have developed a Saturday morning class which is a professional art class.

“Some of the adult students who started in our other classes have gone on to that class to start developing their practice. I have been encouraging some of them to do solo exhibitions.”

McMinn has also arranged for some professional artists to come in for workshops.

“We have been getting fantastic support. We a class led by professional artist Joan Harris over six weeks,” she said.

“There have also had other teachers come in to do workshops as well.”

Forms of Creativity is on at the Arnold Street Gallery until August 5. It will be launched by Rod Fyffe on Friday, July 28 at 6pm.