Standing room only for orchestra’s show

Musicians from Orchestra Victoria performed among the Bendigo Art Gallery’s 130-year-old collection on Tuesday.

With works from Mozart, Strauss, Rossini and Dvorak featured, people packed into one of the gallery’s rooms for the Classical Romance-inspired show.

Orchestra Victoria musicians also rode the Bendigo trams on Tuesday ahead of a performance at the Central Deborah Goldmine. 

The performances are part of the orchestra’s Bendigo Festival, which features many planned and impromptu performances during the week.

The Bendigo Festival continues until Friday, July 21. Visit for more.

Unique venues proving popular

Orchestra Victoria settled in to Bendigo on Monday night in a venue they had never played in before.

The brass section filled the Star Cinema with music to help launch the Bendigo Festival – a week long program of music performed in venues that don’t traditionally host orchestras.

Orchestra Victoria artistic director Nicolette Fraillon said the musicians loved getting to play in unique spaces.

“We enjoy getting out into different spaces,” she said.

“We also love Ulumbarra for the symphony concert, it is a wonderful ending (to the festival) but we try to get music happening in whole lot of places and spaces.”

Ms Fraillon said Orchestra Victoria had yet to play at a number of venues included in this year’s festival.

“Some places we haven’t been before include the tram we rode on Tuesday and going down the gold mine. That was quite a complicated thing.”

Today will see Orchestra Victoria perform at St Paul’s Cathedral at noon and 2pm and the Long Gully Uniting Church at 5pm.

“That is a beautiful church in Long Gully,” Ms Fraillon said. 

“It has old organ that is just stunning. I’m looking forward to that space.”

Thursday sees performances at the Bendigo Art Gallery at noon, Sacred Heart Cathedral at 2pm and The Capital at 6.30pm with Bendigo’s secondary school students.

Bendigo TAFE will host a performance at noon on Friday ahead of the Bendigo Library at 2pm.

The festival culminates with a closing concert at Ulumbarra on Saturday night.

This year is the third time the Bendigo Festival has been held.

More than 80 musicians will take part in the performances across the city.

“It's almost a military-like planning for the festival,” Ms Fraillon said.

“We have people playing chamber music who are also involved in the brass section in orchestral concert. The logistics of who needs to be in Bendigo when and for how long are very complex.

“(But) the orchestra loves engaging with audiences in the broader community, in a very direct fashion.”