Yarn-bombed tram brightens Bendigo’s streets | Photos

A colourful and rather cosy-looking tram is doing the rounds of Bendigo this winter.

One of the city’s famous trams has been yarn-bombed by an anonymous outfit, which has decked it out in bright crocheted pieces.

Yarn bombing is a form of street art that involves displays of knitting or crochet.

Evonne Oxenham, from Bendigo Heritage Attractions, said it was the fourth year a yarn-bombed tram had taken to the city’s streets after the anonymous group asked for permission to decorate.

She said each year the tram became more richly decorated and this year the group had done a “fantastic job”.

“We’ve just found it to be such a huge success, and people love seeing it in the streets,” Ms Oxenham said.

She said the vibrant tram had captured people’s imaginations and had taken social media by storm, even attracting attention overseas.

This year BHA has partnered with Bendigo Woollen Mills to deliver knitting projects on-board the tram for passengers to enjoy.

The tram will remain in its colourful get-up until mid-September.