Operation’s focus on crime in Campaspe

Campaspe police spoke to more than 180 people on Thursday in an operation designed to impact volume crime in the region.

Operation Lockdown targeted geographical areas that have seen rises in volume crime rates.

In total police intercepted 159 vehicles and spoke to 181 people.

It resulted in three people arrests for outstanding warrants, 27 penalty notices for traffic and crime offences and three drivers charged with driving under the influence of drugs.

Crimes including burglary, theft of motor car, theft from motor car, shop stealing and drug related offending were targeted.

Sergeant Justin McAuley said police saturated the areas with high visibility policing intercepting and checking many cars and drivers as well as pedestrians in those areas.

“We know that high visibility policing disrupts criminal behaviour making crooks keep their heads down and looking over their shoulder,” he said.

“Pulling up vehicles and speaking to as many people as possible provides police with valuable information about which criminals are moving about and disturbing their behaviours and movements.”

Sergeant McAuley said Campaspe police will continue to undertake these special efforts at different times and locations in an effort to drive down crime rates.

“Information and intelligence is the lifeblood of policing and tasking police patrols to reduce crime is all about putting the right people in the right places at the right time,” he said.

“The information gleaned from Operation Lockdown will help us identify what is happening in our areas and which criminals we need to be targeting.”