Police crack down on off-road riders

Police are reminding motorists the law does not end where the road runs into dirt tracks and trees, launching a renewed focus on safety, enforcement and awareness on all-terrains at the weekend.

As part of the crackdown, the Victoria Police solo unit will have an increased presence throughout the state in an effort to reduce the incidence of serious injury collisions and the subsequent trauma involved in off-road all-terrain riding and driving.

Road policing command assistant commissioner Doug Fryer said all riders and motorists should expect to be checked by police and drug and alcohol tested anywhere.

“This is not about targeting riders, all motorists and also the broader community who use our parks and trails, need to be aware of the possible dangers in all-terrain environments,” he said.

“What we often see in our crashes is dangerous and unsafe riding practices, with riders unregistered or unlicensed. With experience, good preparation and an understanding of what is expected when riding comes compliance and with compliance, you are safer.

Assistant Commissioner Fryer said the same road rules applied to all motorcycles whether they were being ridden on a road, reserve, path or any other open public land.

“Absolutely we want riders and the community to enjoy themselves, off-road riding is a legitimate and great form of recreation however there is a small minority of people who spoil the sport for others,” he said.

“I want all riders, new or seasoned, on or off road, to ride safely, within the law and to the conditions. And in doing this my hope is that we all arrive at our destinations in one piece.”

The solo unit in the last nine months, throughout Victoria, has:

  • Checked over 1500 all-terrain motorcycles and 4WDs
  • Detected over 900 offenders
  • Issued over 1200 infringement and defect notices for unlicensed, suspended, disqualified riding, unregistered, un-roadworthy and LAMS offences
  • Detected one in every 40 riders/drivers positive for drugs from over 700 tests
  • Detected four riders over the legal limit

Operation Motus – All Terrain Motorcycle Enforcement is an ongoing operation for the solo unit and will continue in an effort to reduce trauma involving motorcycle riders.