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TAKE CARE: Letter-writer Brodie Sacharov, of Eppalock, urges motorists to be careful of native wildlife when driving on the region's roads.
TAKE CARE: Letter-writer Brodie Sacharov, of Eppalock, urges motorists to be careful of native wildlife when driving on the region's roads.

Look after native animals

Our native animals are being killed and injured unnecessarily by people driving motor vehicles at unsafe speeds in our rural and semi-rural areas.

We need to respect that kangaroos deserve to live natural lives free from harm, as we do. Their habitat is being lost at a rapid rate due to our ever expanding population.

Wildlife rescuers face the task of having to put down kangaroos suffering horrific injuries on a daily basis.

Wildlife Rescue is a volunteer organisation run by people giving of their own time and recourses. Please stop and call Wildlife Rescue immediately when you see an injured animal. Don't let them suffer.

Animals have a central nervous system just like humans, which means they can feel pain just like us. This is our responsibility as decent human beings.

Please slow down on rural roads, particularly at dawn and dust. At least, please, let's retain our beautiful native animals so that future generations can witness them.

Brodie Sacharov, Eppalock

Cartoon makes valid point

Rather than “Cartoon misses the mark” (Peter Lesuey, Bendigo Advertiser letters, April 18), I think it’s Peter who is missing the goals and points too.

The issue here is about Aborigines. One who was already crucified and three other prominent Aborigines (footballers are people too and have feelings) who are with Jesus the Christ and the cartoon is about racism and its many manifestations.

David Pope is simply making us think because these Aborigines are all exemplary human beings. One in particular, Eddie Betts, was vilified recently for the umpteenth time. I noticed that the other Pope (Francis in the Vatican) in his 2017 Easter Sunday homily said “refugees and migrants, the poor and socially marginalised, had their human dignity crucified in various ways each day”.

I have no doubts that the most socially marginalised group in Australia is our first people and they don’t want a hand out, just respect and solidarity from us second Australians.

We need reconciliation and constitutional recognition and our first peoples deserve nothing less. I’m sorry about your “disgust” and being “offended” Peter, but it wasn’t a gimmick but an ongoing true life issue.

Ray Wilson, Kangaroo Flat

We must never forget

On Anzac Day we commemorate the anniversary of Australian and New Zealand soldiers landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, 1915, during the First World War.

It was the start of an eight-month campaign where more than 50,000 Australians are estimated to have fought, some 8700 lost their lives and almost 18,000 were wounded.

It was the birthplace of the Anzac legend, where Australians forged a reputation for bravery, ingenuity and mateship that has become central to our national character. These are the traits we respect and honour in every man and woman who has served in defence of our nation.

This year we also continue to commemorate the role of the Australian troops on the Western Front with the centenary of the Battle of Bullecourt in France and the Battle of Messines in Belgium. We must never forget that more Australians lost their lives in 1917 due to war than in any other year of our history.

On Anzac Day we also pay tribute to those members of the Australian Defence Force currently on active service overseas, including in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

So when you see someone wearing medals on the left-hand side of their chest, please shake their hand and say, ‘thank-you for your service’.

We owe our service personnel an immeasurable debt of gratitude. I encourage everyone to participate in their local Anzac Day commemorations and to say ‘thank you’ to those who have served our country.

Dan Tehan, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs


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