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Beggars feed off festival

Not only were smokers with their selfish disregard for the health of children and adults trying to enjoy the Easter festivities a problem, but the same calculating, lying beggars were out, as per usual.

I was waiting on the bus stop, where the buses normally leave from outside the old Toyworld building, when the same scruffy, bearded young man who could be gainfully employed elsewhere again approached me with the words “got any spare change for the bus”.

As the bus wasn't leaving from there, the money wasn't for a bus fare.

Most people rightfully ignored him, but a sweet young foreign visitor delved in her purse for a note, whilst he was smart enough to make small talk about her day.

He then disappeared in the direction of the Mall, obviously to somewhere to buy either alcohol or cigarettes.

Like Eric Lakey, I am sick of being hassled, even travelling on the bus, by the same people, all with the same story or line.

A bad image for Bendigo as they are not needy, with their good shoes and clothing, smokes in hand, and no doubt phones tucked away.

They know how to work the system and to be brutal they need to get a life and a job.

I am 71, we still work, and have done all our lives, and I will give to animal welfare, not to these pests. 

J Taylor, Golden Square

Ride return disappoints

My wife and I went to see the Easter carnival attractions that had returned to the CBD.

All I could find were a couple of side shows and one solitary ride hidden away in a side street (Mundy Street) nowhere near the CBD.

Is this Bendigo’s idea of returning the Easter fair to the city?

The children’s area was good as we had our granddaughter with us and she had a great time in the Easter egg hunt followed by a couple of rides.

Are the major traders still blocking the carnival from the real CBD or is the council not interested in keeping one of Bendigo's premier (world-renowned) attractions alive?

R M Bolitho, North Bendigo

Not all human rights abuses are equal

On St Paul's latest subtle political statement (“Refugee policy crucified”, Bendigo Advertiser, April 12), I find it extremely offensive when fellow Christians and Yazidi are literally being crucified and worse by Islamic fundamentalists right now in various parts of the world.

Manus Island, Nauru and Christmas Island cannot be compared to places of real human rights abuses.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Government is a rabble

Struth, Alan Jones has said that the Liberal-National Party need a good thrashing at the next election. I think all of your prayers are going to be answered, Alan.

Ray Hadley gave Scott Morrison the boot off his radio programme because he had the audacity to appear on ABC radio.

Geez, for a shock jock, he has incredibly thin skin.

Tony Abbott, the person that started all of this rot way back when, is now giving Malcolm Turnbull advice, the same advice that he failed to adhere to himself.

What planet is he on? No wonder the backbench are looking for new jobs.

It appears that the best thing that the LNP can do is build an "Abbott-proof fence" but that isn't going to happen either, as Hadley has recruited him to replace Morrison, so we can rely on his expert opinion right up until the next blood bath, I mean election.

Unfortunately for the LNP, the curtain shows no indication of falling on this self-inflicted disaster.

We couldn't re elect this mob for another three years, could we? Could we?

Ken Price, Eaglehawk


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