Egg toss players show off talents

By lunchtime the main street of Maldon is covered in broken eggs.

Not because a group of pranksters have run amok but because the town is taking part in one of their favourite Easter events.

Immediately after the fair’s grand procession, crowds head down the street to compete in egg toss competition.

Starting a couple of metres apart, pairs carefully throw an egg between them.

After each successful throw you move further apart. Drop an egg or mess up a catch and you’re out and have egg on your face – literally.

Maldon Easter Fair committee member Liz Woodward said it is a popular event.

“They all love the egg toss in the main street. Who else does that?” she said.

At the end of the first round of entries, the distance between partners is at least 15 metres.

Plenty of people have yolk on their hands but quite a few players have smug, satisfied smiles as they finish with their egg still intact.