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Perhaps if ATMs had $10 and $5 notes to dispense I would get cash. I usually need small notes for the kids, not 20’s and 50’s!

- Maria Angeloni 

Lots of cash around and tax evasion, why else when flights are cheap online lots of people going still to travel agencies to buy flights and travel?

Because the only way to pay for these in cash, better than banking the funds and paying online because then you can be flagged by the ATO.

Look at where lots of travel agencies are there will also be lot of the cash economy in contractors and small business owners.

- Shaunna Wilson 

Just what the government wants you to do, use your card on everything then we become a cashless society. Then they will know exactly what everyone has in the bank.

- Gary Haigh 

What happens when the system crashes and you cant use card anywhere? Cash will end up being like gold it still should be used and stored by all as we just don’t know whats around the corner.

- Mark Anderson 

Been to Coles when the EFTPOS was down and there is a manual option it's just not and old swipe machine like the old days the registrar prints a slip for you to sign that is kept and processed.

- Aliesha Griffin 

I use both cards and cash. Never withdraw at an ATM. Can't cope with my card disappearing out of sight into the nether regions of the bank and wondering if I will ever see it again!

- Judy Danielson 

Android pay is my new best friend, since I forget my card a lot.

Pity our mobile network is so bad I have to hope like hell I have enough signal to actually process the payment.

- Steven Musselwhite 

I used cash once in the last 3 years and had my wallet stolen with all my Christmas money in it. Never again.

- ​Kate Mackenzie