Rescued wedge-tailed eagle returns to the skies | Photos

ONE of the first patients to go through Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service‚Äôs new birds of prey rehabilitation aviaries made a successful return to the wild on Friday.

The wedge-tailed eagle was believed to have been hit by a car at Bridgewater, where it was released.

WRES president Neil Morgan said it flew straight to a tree where a female and a juvenile came to meet it, an incredible sight to witness.

WRES has built two new aviaries to help rehabilitate birds of prey that come into its care.

Mr Morgan said the new aviaries were larger than the previous aviary, giving birds more room to rebuild their strength.

WRES was probably one of the largest birds of prey rehabilitation facilities in Victoria, he said, and took in birds from across the state.

Mr Morgan thanked volunteer Jason Goulding for his work on the aviaries, as well as local businesses that gave their support.

If you come across injured wildlife, WRES can be reached on 0427 301 401.