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RISKY BUSINESS: Letter-writer Alf Durie, of Strathdale, takes issue with local cyclists who text and ride. Picture: FILE SHOT
RISKY BUSINESS: Letter-writer Alf Durie, of Strathdale, takes issue with local cyclists who text and ride. Picture: FILE SHOT

Do the same rules apply to cyclists as drivers?

Whilst driving through McRae Street/Pall Mall on Sunday a group of approximately eight to 10 bike riders were travelling along side my vehicle.

I was astounded to witness a female rider with her mobile in her left hand holding the handlebars with her right hand, totally concentrating on the phone.

Are there appropriate penalties applicable to bike riders using a mobile phone whilst riding? Oh, forgive me, they don't pay registration, do they.

In the event of an accident, are bike riders covered by TAC?

I am concerned at this particular group of riders’ gung-ho approach. Not all bike riders are as arrogant, but this female rider was brazen and reckless.

Alf Durie, Strathdale

Ratepayers deserve credit for supporting the arts

How do ordinary Bendigo ratepayers get invited to events like the 125th year celebration for the Bendigo Art Gallery?

After all they have contributed more than $30 million to it during the last 10 years. Or are these events reserved for the elite and self-indulgent?

Just when will councillors and council officers get the message?

So much for community engagement and inclusion.

Colin Burns, Longlea

All residents should get a chance to earn respect

I fully agree with Peter Smith's letter (“Wonderful people”, Bendigo Advertiser, March 11).

Without a doubt many Muslims are terrific people, getting on with their lives, and totally worthy of a chance to earn the respect of their community, just like the rest of us.

Respect is not automatic, it is only ever earned, and the actions of some can destroy the respect for a whole group.

Unfortunately the factions of their culture who persist in antisocial, criminal, threatening and violent behaviour have tainted the whole image of Islam.

I would like to think that in Bendigo there are very few who are not prepared to give new Muslim residents the opportunity to show that they want to be a part of our community.

Give them a chance to fit in. Let them gain respect.

I think that is only fair.

Murray McPhie, Epsom

Furore over beer brewer’s ad a blow to free speech

It seems that the notion of free speech and civil discourse over contentious issues in Australia is dead.  

The recent conversation between two people on either side of the marriage debate over a beer, has erupted into accusations of homophobia and attacks on the sponsor of this polite conversation – a worrying sign of things to come.

It should concern all Australians too, that what originated as a push for “same sex marriage” has morphed into a “marriage” of any two adults of an increasing number of genders; next it will be polygamy and polyamory that is petitioned.

There is no consideration for any children involved and they are the primary concern of the state in marriage.

Let's leave the Marriage Act alone - at least for the sake of the children, and society in general.

Helen Leach, Bendigo

Excuse my cynicism, but this is no coincidence

Does Treasurer Scott Morrison's new-found concern for those who are struggling to find affordable housing have anything to do with deflecting attention from the tax scams of negative gearing and capital gains discounts?

Perish the thought.

Grant Hawthorne, Golden Square


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