Victory students revive days of old | Gallery

Students at Victory Christian College have jumped back into the past during an Old Fashioned Day on Wednesday.

The 20 grade one students donned parents’ uniforms as well as early 20th century costumes for the day as their class revived long lost lesson plans.

In the morning the children sat in front of the chalk board for spelling and mathematics lessons, even copying out sentences they way many students once did.

In the afternoon they ran out into the playground to have a go at hopscotch, tin-can phones, elastics, and marbles.

Teacher Rhian Cox said while some training methods should stay in the past there was still a place for some tried and true ideas.

“I think you’ve got to have a combination of old and new methods. There are some great things we do now and some great things they did then,” she said.

Mrs Cox was particularly keen on old school methods for teaching spelling and mathematics. Her students often did a spelling activity she first learnt as a girl.